Ni No Kuni plays as good as it looks-IGN Preview

Its hypnotizing watercolor landscapes and sumptuous soft-edged characters and locales appear magically transplanted - and effortlessly playable -from rich Japanese animated films like Spirited Away and The Secret World of Arrietty.

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kratos1232379d ago

this is the rpg i have been waiting for all these years after rogeu galaxy and i know it will deliver
this isn't a first day buy it's a first second buy cant wait anymore must have it know

TooTall192378d ago

I just got Rogue Galaxy and will start playing it soon! Gotta finish Dark Cloud 2 first.

kratos1232378d ago

You will love it trust me one of the best games on the ps2

Relientk772379d ago

I cannot wait! This game must be mine. Level 5 is awesome

silkrevolver2379d ago

So excited.

I need some good JRPG back in my life.

Clarence2379d ago

This is the game I can't wait for.

araman2379d ago

Anyone have any idea why this got pushed back? It's not like there's full development going on here, it's just a localization, which Level 5 should be good at by now considering most, if not all, of their games start as Japanese titles.

Kur02379d ago

probably so it doesn't get eaten alive during the holiday season

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