Weekends With Matt Quinlan: Max Payne 3 - Can To Much Story Make An Exceptional Game Boring?

This is the first episode of the all new web show “Weekends With Matt Quinlan” brought to you by Watch an original Max Payne short in this first episode and get my impressions of Max Payne 3.

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Ajoyshop2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Love the Max Payne short. The guy playing the bad guy who tries to double cross you and ends up getting shot in the head was cast perfectally. Is he one of your friends?

TheInterview2417d ago

Yeah. Funny thing is that all three of the bad guys are related. The main bad guy is the father of the younger two.

liberator232416d ago

That's really awesome! I can't wait to see some more of these? Any plans to do a Borderlands/ Halo/ Assassins Creed short in the future? Or is that a secret ;)

jeremybtyler2417d ago

I hope this become a regular thing. This dude has some serious talent. Dig the old PC in the background.

TheInterview2417d ago

Haha glad you enjoyed the dead monitor. Most weeks will be greenscreened with a cool background or something. Last weekends just didn't work out that way.

Rediculamal2417d ago


I'm so in love with that term, I'm sticking it in my CV.

Ajoyshop2417d ago

Did you just make that up? Because I like it. :P

TheInterview2417d ago

I made it up on the fly whilst word were flying out of my mouth haha.

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