First NintendoLand screenshots

Take a first look at NintendoLand with these screenshots.

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versusALL2351d ago

What if Nintendo Land was real?

linkenski2351d ago

Ugh the live gameplay demo they showed at their conference was overly explained and boring. It completely KILLED the rest of the show.

Lucretia2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

the show was shot in the face the second it started, seriously it was crap. not 1 good game, not 1. ofcourse thats opinion but its the majority of opinion.

zombie game is insta-short since there are no checkpoints or saves so screw that game

Fragger2k82351d ago

Clearly you don't like Nintendo games, so, why would you watch the conference if you have no interest in them?

juaburg2351d ago

Its defnitely a console bundle game...

Lucretia2351d ago Show
Qrphe2351d ago

It seems to be like a retail version of PlayStation Home, which I don't like either. At this point, all Nintendo Land can do is impress me since I have the lowest of expectations for it.