DPAD Gran Turismo 5 Preview

Any entry in the Gran Turismo series has been a must have for any Sony enthusiast since the days of PlayStation 1. This realistic driving simulator has always offered incredible visuals that were advanced for its time, as well as the most precise racing physics to date. While many gamers out there complain about how the PS3 has a lack of exclusive titles, the release of Gran Turismo 5 should be more than enough to get naysayers to shut their mouths.

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Bill Gates4669d ago

Bill Gates will be handing out cans of woop-ass in this game when it drops.....HAHAHAHAhAHHAHAHAA

Shaka2K64669d ago

The billion dollar franchise is back the king of all racers the epic series Gran Turismo exclusive to the most powerfull system on the planet. 1080p, 16fps, 16 cars on screen.

forza what ?
pgr who ?????

on never mind pgr5 will most likely be on PS3 and it will be the superior version like Burnout.

Fluffy2Duffy4668d ago

A must have the racing game of the year!!