December 2007 NPD

Via "SonyCowboy" at NeoGAF:

HW Sales:
System December 2007 Annual 2007
PlayStation 2 1.1 million 3.97 million
PlayStation 3 797.6 K 2.56 million
PlayStation Portable 1.06 million 3.82 million
Xbox 360 1.26 million 4.62 million
Wii 1.35 million 6.29 million
Nintendo DS 2.47 million 8.50 million

Top 10 SW Sales:
360 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.47 million
WII Super Mario Galaxy 1.40 million
PS2 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 1.25 million
WII Wii Play w/ Remote 1.08 million
360 Assassin's Creed 893.7 K
360 Halo 3 742.7 K
NDS Brain Age 2 659.5 K
PS2 Madden NFL 08 655.2 K
360 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 624.6 K
WII Mario and Sonic: Olympic Games 613.0 K

Top 10 SW Annual:
360 Halo 3 4.82 million
WII Wii Play w/ Remote 4.12 million
360 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 3.04 million
PS2 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 2.72 million
WII Super Mario Galaxy 2.52 million
NDS Pokemon Diamond Version 2.48 million
PS2 Madden NFL 08 1.90 million
PS2 Guitar Hero 2 1.89 million
360 Assassin's Creed 1.87 million
WII Mario Party 8 1.82 million

*Includes Collector's, Limited, Legendary, Bundles (Guitars) Editions

Industry Totals
Dec-07 CHG
Video Games $4.82 billion 28%
Video Games Hardware $1.83 billion 17%
Console Hardware $1.3 billion 21%
Portable Game Hardware $525.7K 7%
Video Games Software $2.37 billion 36%
Console Software $1.8 billion 47%
Portable Game Software $574.9K 11%
Video Game Accessories $621.6K 37%

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i_like_ff74669d ago

too bad ndp doesnt do worldwide sales.

zambrota4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

except the PS3 numbers

This is the NPD of Usa.

canadian NPD will be out tomorrow i guess .

@double edged sowrd

I said that Vg actually came close this month.

NPD is more accurate. However both estimates sales rather than tracking them. NPD tracks a few retail stores.

GFK tracks 90% of retail chains in europe.

i am not saying that Vg is better i am saying that Vg is quite accurate .

thats all

Double-Edged4669d ago

too bad mostly everyone here on N4G is american.
and too bad NPD is more accurate than VGcharts.

too sad

LightningPS34669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

rememeber what I said yesterday?

12 to 7

Looks like I'm buying a PS3, it passed the test. Outsold by less than 500k consoles.

12 to 7
12 to 7
12 to 7
12 to 7

infact PS3 is closer to 8 than 360 is to 13.

actas1234669d ago

Actually according to the numbers; one third of the PS3s sold in 2007 (or in almost PS3s life time) were sold in the month of December.. Wow...

Mr Marbles4669d ago

So then you would not have to see how bad the PS3 is being raped?

This is sad, it only showed up on one list!

You PS3 droids talk a lot of sh*t but you should really STFU, take a long look at these charts, and go buy some games!

PS3 still dead last across the board, more action less talk is needed.

InYourMom4669d ago

"PS3 still dead last across the board, more action less talk is needed."

Agreed %100

BobDog4669d ago

ps3 is in dead last... old news its been dead last since launch in us. yes thats right those are american numbers u noobs

JBaby3434669d ago

Yet the WORLDWIDE raping of 360 continues into 2008. In fact it's getting a train run on it in Japan. Maybe you should STFU.

Mr Marbles4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

perhaps i should STFU, but it's not 360 fanboys like me ruining this site with nonstop talk of PS3 world domination, and claims that all other consoles are on their deathbed. Clearly as seen by those numbers, America has chosen the Xbox 360.

JBaby3434669d ago

Yeah actually it is your fault this site is getting ruined because 360 fanboys were polluting the comments long before PS3 fanboys were. Before PS3 people even had anything to brag about 360 fanboys were in mass numbers dissing it. xbox360 owners started all the crap. Look no further than yourself and the other PS3 hating @ssclowns for why this site is the way it is.

You're just pissed because now there are more PS3 people and actual Good PS3 related news. By the way we missed you and the other 360 people in the resistance 2 comments. You guys and your "PS3 sucks" garbage were no where to be found.

Ashta4669d ago

Ok, can we all agree that all of us argueing is right?

Correct: The PS3 is in third in NA sales. PS3 is outsold by the 360 by a good margin in the US and Canada.

Correct: PS3 sales are no longer considered "dismal" by industry standards any longer. They have picked up greatly but its still lower than the 360.

Correct: The PS3, despite the 360's large sales in the Na territories, has been consistently outsold worldwide since Black Friday.

Correct: The PS3 is seeing a huge up surge in sales in The European countries and has already passed over the 360 in total sales in countries like France.

So, how about taking a look at the facts of the situation before spouting out crap that makes you look stupid.

That goes for both sides.

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ThaGeNeCySt4669d ago

jeez... at least the 360 KINDA kept up with the Wii in HW sales... those DS numbers are ridiculous... nice to see those COD4 360 numbers... IW definitely deserve it.

zambrota4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

COD4 i think has surpassed halo3 in lifetime sales.

expect another 3.5 million on xbox 360 ,ps3 and pc in europe and japan.

so in total cod4 has sold over 6.5/7.5 million units

No MS shipped 8.1 million copies of Halo 3.

It is 4.8 million in USA . Perhaps another 400k in Canada and around a million in Rest of the world

toughNAME4669d ago

hasn't halo 3 sold 8.1 mil?

but yeah your right COD4 will eventually pass it at this rate

Genuine4669d ago

But they seriously need to get that patch out. Currently the online is very close to being broken. The other night, it took over an hour before I actually got to play a whole round. Due to quitters, poor host selection, and network intteruptions. I love the game, but I end up pissed off everytime I try to have a play session.

freakyzeeky4669d ago

Those are some huge numbers... :o

poos34669d ago

ps3 getting owned in the usa and uk which make up 60% of the game world the ps3 is officially dead not 1 single game in the top 10 the ps3 is over i was going to buy a ps3 but will wait till 2010 to get 1 and will advice any 1 not to buy a dieing console

zambrota4669d ago

make up 50% of worldwide sales.

PS3 is neck and neck with xbox 360 in UK. i guess ps3 has the edge in Uk in terms of HW sales. we wait for Gfk data

ps3 declared dead in US?
800k for december for a 400$/500$ console is by no means bad.

ps3 still outsells xbox 360 in terms of worldwide sales.

The 2nd biggest market in the world is europe and the 3rd biggest is japan.

ps3 will rise to the top/2nd position in 2008 when the heavy hitters like mgs4,killzone 2,resistance 2 hit the market

toughNAME4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

America is full of xbots

zambrota4669d ago

797,000 vs 1.26m.

You cant expect good software sales since most people would be buying a game for their console and x360 and wii have bigger bases than ps3 in north america

Cherchez La Ghost4669d ago

As much of you Sony fanboys talk about the 360, at least they buy games for their system.

EZCheez4669d ago

And in all honestly, it's going to be a long time before that ever changes, purely because of install bases. I can't think of any other logical reason than that because I really don't buy masses of people buying the PS3 solely as a blu-ray player.

I think one thing that helped 360 titles sell so well was the spacing of the releases. It seemed that in the last 4 months, one great game was released about every month, and that's affordable for most gamers.

On the other hand, I had to buy about 9 games from October to December. That might be affordable for me but a lot of gamers just can't afford releases that close together.

What's REALLY shocking is the PS2 having 3 in the top 10. That's just insane.

Pain704669d ago

No joke. after the recent news about hd-dvd's death, i bought a PS3. $399 for a stand alone or $399 for PS3. personally i hate the ps3 controller, but i'm a S controller homer. just feels better. i have the 360 for gaming and if something ever happens where blu-ray fails, at least i have a console to sell rather than a stand alone worthless piece of equipment. love the ps3 for movies and incorporating my AVCHD from my HG10, but still love the 360 for gaming.

Jo0j4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I don't think I saw PS3 on any of those lists
America is full of 'gamers'

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