Richard Diamant Interview Part 1: Background & Uncharted Character Creation

Patrick Steen of writes:

"Today we begin our three part interview with Naughty Dog's Lead Character Artist, Richard Diamant. Joining this experienced developer in January 2006, Richard is in charge of the look, pipelines, and creation of the characters in Naughty Dog games."

"In the first part of our interview we discuss the character creation process and the models themselves, from their polygon and texture count, to the laborious steps taken to create their hair."

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techie4671d ago

Woo hoo...crazy details here. Drake is 30k polygons. Mad.

"The number of texture maps is a hard question to answer. It really differs per character. They have so many maps it’s really hard to count. The head alone has I think either 6 or 7 maps." :O

"The hair alone got into the thousands of polygons. I think Drake’s hair is about 2500 or so."

So much cool stuff. I like interview like this - instead of the crappy lame ones saying "When is Uncharted 2?" and that's it...cause we just get a "no comment".

Nostradavis4670d ago

and when there is no cover? or when he is hiding behind high cover...can he crouch and come out from behind it low? no, he can not.

Nostradavis4671d ago

Ok.............I couldn't stand the fact that you can't crouch in this game, but that interview gives great insight into modeling etc and I am a big fan of that kind of stuff.

Thumbs up.

techie4671d ago

can't crouch!? WTF are you on!? You don't need to friggin crouch cause you're always jumping from cover to cover - it's a fast paced game.

I bet you haven't even played the full game have you. Have you!

PFt. Fooking noobs.

Nostradavis4671d ago

No. I have not played the full game. That is because I purchased it and sent it to some noob to play in the land of the queen.

I played the demo and there is no excuse to not have the man crouch. I just love walking to the edge of a cliff and seeing my enemies below. I pull out my gun and begin to shoot when I realize I have no way to make myself I must stand there, fully erect and get shot at.

techie4671d ago

Dude, what the hell are you talking about!? I knew it - you played the demo. Pft. Go play the full game and then come back to me.

"I must stand there fully erect"? You gotta be joking right...this kid is weird.

Nostradavis4671d ago

yea yea. get your mind out of Drake's gutter.

Bebedora4670d ago

He does crouch when the cover is low enough.

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wardrox4671d ago

The models are very nice in Uncharted and this makes for a very nice read

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