Is Need For Speed: Most Wanted the next-gen Burnout we’ve been waiting for?

Need For Speed: Most Wanted gameplay clip sparks fond memories of Burnout.

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Chuk53198d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't really blown away by most wanted.

That makes me sad because I love criterion, but honestly Forza showed better and I don't even have any interest in that series.

JoGam3198d ago

What did Forza show that was better?

StanSmith3198d ago

Nothing! I still can't tell what Forza Horizon was about. That trailer shown nothing.

Most Wanted will be the better racer this year.

GuyThatPlaysGames3198d ago

This game demo was SOOO DISAPPOINTING!!!! To be honest, Burnout Paradise looks better and seems like it will play better than this horrid attempt at a NFS game.

JaredH3198d ago

I hope there's car customization and they just haven't shown it yet because that was one of my favorite things from the past Most Wanteds. I don't get why Criterion has never had major customization for cars in their games.

d0nT wOrrY3198d ago

This game is definitely on my radar, it's Criterion game!

crazytechfanatic3198d ago

I am all excited. Criterion games! Yess!

MaximusPrime3198d ago

Criteriongames did as proud with all Burnout series and the recent Hot Pursuit.

Their demonstration of Most Wanted was impressive. No doubt this is the game i want.
They have the next couple of months to improve the game, adding customizations, quality etc etc before they release it end of October and beginning of November.

It will be great game and not to be missed

Ares84HU3198d ago

I have yet to play a bad Criterion game. But I was hoping for a new Burnout Paradise. That game was amazing. Hope this will come close.

Fylus3198d ago

I honestly thought it was a Burnout game before the end where "Need for Speed" popped up. It looks great. I'm totally up for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.