New StarCraft II Screens and Artwork

IGN has released some new screenshots and other media for Starcraft 2.

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Darkiewonder4664d ago

A major change from Starcraft [but that was obvious as the game came out several years ago]

Cannot wait for this to come out. It'll be awesome!

Daishi4664d ago

GOTY no... GOTC. I'll be playing this long after I retire along with the first one!

Ferrite4664d ago

The game is going to kill my life.

Bonsai12144664d ago

i'm not a big fan of the tanks being called "crucios" or however you spell them. to me, they'll always be siege tanks. but anyways, those scvs getting fired on by them are goners. i love the particle effects. haha

and of course we'll be playing this one for years. we've played the last one for a decade already. and there are still 10k games going on during the prime hours of brood wars alone.

heavyarms4664d ago

This pass xmass i build myself a new rig just so that i can play this game. Only game that matters to me is starcraft2 nothing else. Goodtimes goodtimes coming soon.

TheIneffableBob4664d ago

...these screens are over a week old.

Nonetheless, they have me very excited. I still regularly play StarCraft: Brood War.

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