No More Heroes director SUDA51 talks punk, violence and Wii games

Given his involvement in games like Killer7 and No More Heroes, people often assume director SUDA51 to be a very strange man indeed. They expect a dark and twisted Lynchian gore-fiend. They expect an overly-serious, high-brow arty type. They expect an bizarre, unholy, avant garde weird-monger with torrents of quirk pouring out of his ears. What they do not expect is a good-humoured Japanese man happily pottering around a videogame shop picking up a few PS2 games, but that's exactly what Games Radar found when they met him.

A grin, a hearty handshake, and it was time to talk to him and sound director Takada Masafumi about the ballsiest Wii game of the year.

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wiizy4667d ago

hope this sells well so suda can bring on the sequel