Devil May Cry Preview (Xbox 360)

For the first time the Devil May Cry franchise graces a Microsoft platform. It has people excited, grinding their teeth in anticipation. The release is only a few weeks away so the wait is almost over, and because of this we (Geekpulp) have had the chance to tinker with a big sword in the final build of the game.

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Shaka2K64666d ago

This game will not be sold for the x360 in Japan and it doesnt support 1080p.

PS3 is the version to get.

Iron Man 24666d ago

I will be picking up the best version of DMC4 next month with ZERO loadtimes and on a console with less than %1 failure rate,a company you can trust,and with the controller that ACTUALLY works well with action/fighting games not just shooters:)

Play B3yond4666d ago

Lol you gotta be kiddin me DMC4 for the 360, guess that means all of our PS3 games r that dam good lol you dont see us sweatin ya ppl to get ur lil Halo or Gears

WilliamRLBaker4666d ago

no you just sweat that every single game released on 360 has outsold, outscored, and outplayed every single ps3 game. lol
Capcom basically had no choice but to release dmc4 on the 360 or they would have got less then 20k sales on the ps3 because ps3 owners dont buy games they buy movies.

Charlie26884666d ago

I still have to get used to the idea of playing with the 360 controller coming from my hardcore addiction back in the days using the PS controller

cuz with the Dante Must Die and Haven or Hell difficulties you must REALLY know your control (and usual buy another one after you broke the first one :P)

and if case you wonder, yes I was that masochist back in the day XD

DrPirate4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Well, I suppose it's good to hear that's running well.

Serious and honest question to the people that read this: If you have not played a single Devil May Cry game before, and have not owned a PS2, does this game interest you?

Edit: Wow. I just reread my comment and realized how much it comes off as flmaebat and trolling. I'm really sorry, I didn't want to come off like this. No one has to answer, if you want to report me. Do so.

Shadow Man4666d ago

I played DMC 3 on my ps2 and now im getting the new version for my 360.

akaFullMetal4666d ago

i have all 3, and ill be getting the 4th maybe when i find the money, for ps3 of course ;)

toughNAME4666d ago

I've never been into Japanese style games...which is the primary reason I don't plan on buying a PS3 any time soon

and I didn't find your comment to be flamebait

Dr Pepper4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Don't worry about the question. It's an honest one and doesn't seem like flamebait to me. My answer is no, not really. I did own a PS2 for a short time and while I did I never played a DMC game. This one does not really interest me. I might play it, but I won't pay money to.

I'm not going to say: "no, I'm 100% not interested. I will never click on an article relating to this game and never look at screens or vids" because I have an interest in most games being released. This is just significantly less.

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