Atlus singing Rondo of Swords

In giving gamers a heads up on upcoming Wii and Nintendo DS releases yesterday, the hardware maker let more than a few as-yet-undisclosed details slip out of the bag. One such reveal was Atlus' Rondo of Swords, which the niche role-playing game-oriented publisher officially announced today as coming to the North American market for the Nintendo DS on April 15.

Rondo of Swords is a fantasy strategy RPG that was originally developed by Success Corp. and released in Japan as Ituwari no Rondo last year. Tyranny is afoot in Rondo of Swords, and players set out on an extended quest that features a branching storyline and multiple endings. Players will manage in detail the advancement of their own character as well as the development of their party members.

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GamingFun4663d ago

Mmm Atlus makes the good ones. This will be a fun DS title.