Rumor: World Of Warcraft Gold Limit Found

WOW Insider
Posted Jan 16th 2008 3:30PM by John Himes

Apparently, players have discovered that there's a limit on how much money you can carry in World of Warcraft. The game will actually display a message of "At Gold Limit" if you attempt to receive any more money.

Find out what the limit is at WOW Insider.

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season0074669d ago

like multiple accounts and tons of 70level character...and yes possibly a greedy Guild Master too

TheIneffableBob4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

That's over 9,000 USD (yes, OVER 9,000!) in gold, for anybody wondering. (Rough estimate using's gold prices.)

Mikko4668d ago

That must be a pain in the a** for the programmers.