E3 2012: Did Sony and Microsoft steal Nintendo Wii U's thunder?

Blast Magazine: Can the Wii U still stand strong amid announcements of Microsoft's Smart Glass and Sony's Cross-Controller?

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OC_MurphysLaw3337d ago

Given neither Sony nor MS had homerun pressers...Nintendo can certainly still shine.

wagnus3337d ago

Agreed, there is so much room for Nintendo to take the show. But at the same time, everyone is expecting Wii U announcements, meaning they have more on the line to risk.

MaxXAttaxX3337d ago

Cross-play and Wii U are two different things.

Cross-play with Vita can be done from anywhere.
However with the Wii U gamepad you can't leave the room.

Also, the Vita is an entire gaming system on its own.
The Gamepad is just that, a controller that needs the Wii U console to work.

Abash3337d ago

Maybe Sony overshadowed the Wii U's graphical power with The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, and Beyond since Im not expecting to be wowed with the Wii U's launch titles.

But Nintendo can easily still win

Ck1x3337d ago

I hate to say, but the "last of us" wasn't the best looking game of E3 so far! I wanna know if the stills they showed of that ZombiU game from Ubisoft, if those are in game graphics. Because nothing on PS3/360 looked that detailed...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33337d ago

I wasn't impressed at all with the games you mentioned. In fact, they make me want next gen to come even sooner. In any event, your comment is hilarious along with the agrees you've gotten, lmao...

Shok3337d ago

Microsoft's was pretty boring, Sony's was solid but nothing amazing. They didn't steal any thunder.

EcoSos33337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I know most of all those games they show we already knew about, except for like 2 of them. Maybe thats why it wasnt a wow conference, MS was...bad

MrMister3337d ago

Yeah, but sony still has 2 more days, I wouldnt count them out yet. And Microsoft is just plain dead to me now.

izumo_lee3337d ago

I feel it is Nintendo's show to lose. They are the ones with new hardware. They are the ones that need to catch up with the other two in terms of tech.

The only concern i have is that during the pre-E3 event they held they showed a lot of the Wii-U's functions. If they do that exact same thing again & not focus on the games i will be disappointed.

The ball is in Nintendo's court, so hopefully they do not turn it over.

ronin4life3337d ago

At the pre e3 event, they said the conf. Will focus almost entirely on games for wiiu.

TheNocturnus3337d ago

No. They both fell flat on their faces. Neither one announced a new console. It is passed time for the next gen to come out and they both failed. Nintendo has already won this E3 IMO. Nintendo has been terrible as of late and the Wii U will likely suck but at least they realize that it is time for new hardware.

ash_divine3337d ago

There's no litmus that says new hardware HAS to be announced by now.

Would that have made both conferences more interesting? Definitely. But neither company is obligated to show new consoles.

So isn't it a little silly to say they failed purely because of that?

TheNocturnus3337d ago

It has been almost 7 years since the launch of the Xbox 360. I was in line on November 22nd 2005 and got mine. I am tired of this gen, it is time for new hardware. Period. This gen is all about milk and greed. And now I can't comment anymore because some rabid fantards stole my bubbles. This is why I usually hang out in the forums and away from the front page madness.

fatstarr3337d ago

im a nintendo fan wii U will not fail but I couldnt agree more

"This gen is all about milk and greed" hits the nail on the head

this E3 was bland and meh but the one thing that saved it so far is Watch_dogs,

something about it just feels so different from what this gen has been offering.

Ck1x3337d ago

Watch-dogs has to be the best "game of show" so far! Amazing and it was completely unexpected as well.

Jagsrock3337d ago

They were nothing but a couple passing clouds, Nintendo's the one that's gonna bring the storm!

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