Xbox Live Reputation and You


Most of us don't think too much of those yellow stars that reside just underneath our gamertags – all it took was a few positive reviews from friends, and three quickly became five. Still, those stars are the most visible sign of what is the heart of Xbox Live's matchmaking service. A player's reputation is, as we all know, the direct result of player reviews. Still, when was the last time you wrote an honest review about a complete stranger?

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wageslave4669d ago

I dont usually file positive reviews, but im pretty good about dropping negative reviews on people who use the voice channel to be disruptive -- then I mute the offender.

permutated4669d ago

I've actually written alot of reviews; more positive than negative.

I think it's a useful tool, but it's stupid that I got a 'quit early' complaint on my account and I've never quit once.

Pisses me off.

OutLaw4669d ago

The same thing happened to me with the "quit early".

NewC4669d ago

I rarely use the feature, but wasn't aware that it had such an impact on matchmaking.

Shaka2K64669d ago

Bad reputation for you.
unless you are an xlave then you are used to being humiliated lmao.

mighty_douche4669d ago

being judged on other peoples opinions is never a good thing. Especially when your judge is an angey 14 year old.

NewC4669d ago

At least it gives someone a consequence (though not too great) for their actions.

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The story is too old to be commented.