The Truth Behind The Debunked Rumor of Sony Buying Gaikai

Before E3, rumors started to swirl that Sony was teaming up or buying a cloud gaming service like Gaikai or Onlive. It didn't happen and this is why.

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Nitrowolf23036d ago

I thought Sony only got a deal late last or early this month. I don't see why announce it then.

BTW Gaikai/Online if it were announced could have been a huge thing for PS Home during E3. Imagine being able to play those demo's at those virtual booths.

jujubee883036d ago

Patrick Garratt was the one that spread this whole thing by writing about a mole with supposed info on this whole thing.

zeeshan3036d ago

@Above: Exactly! They should be asked about starting this rumor and should be asked where they stand now with their "news" reporting and so-called journalism.

jonboi243036d ago

A reason why people should take rumors with a grain of salt. There's still more of E3 so who knows what still awaits us but who knows maybe like Nintendo, Sony will hold a second conference this time focusing on Vita and announcing cloud gaming.

izumo_lee3036d ago

This rumor can still be a reality. Maybe Sony & whoever they are dealing with are still ironing out the agreement.

You do not want to announce something & the system does not work. Once they get the cloud service up & running on both platforms for Sony & whoever than they can reveal it.

TronEOL3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Not to mention Sony also has big reveals at shows like GDC and also has a history of just announcing things whenever they feel like it.

But one main thing you already stated was this deal seems fairly new. We might not even see this come to fruition until a few years down the road (although it could be a whole lot sooner).

Oh, and E3 isn't over yet. Sony is supposed to be showing more Last of Us tomorrow, among other things until the event ends. So there is still a very, very small chance.

MySwordIsHeavenly3036d ago

Did anyone consider the possibility that this is for the PlayStation 4?

Maybe it will launch on PS4...and also for Vita. :)

Wishful thinking, anyway.

WeskerChildReborned3035d ago

Yea that's what i was thinking.

KonaBro3036d ago

to throw some fuel to this fire, Gaikai is making their official announcement tomorrow. We will see then. However I do find it odd that clicking on the link now takes you to a 404 page. Opening their mouths too soon?

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