Hands-0n with GOW

Epic's juggernaut shown behind closed doors. Chainsaws included.

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Captain Tuttle5384d ago

In the short single player campaign (10 hours?). I'm not that good so it should take me twice that. I think this game is going to shine in multiplayer, though.

THAMMER15384d ago

ulimited multi. 10 hours solo is more than enough.

uuuunvnv25384d ago

10 hrs isnt really that bad. alot of good games have been less than that. GRAW for 1

THAMMER15384d ago

That is longer than Halo. I just hope they pack it with great action. King turtle when you see ten hours how long to you think it will take you personally to beat the game. Halo was ruffle 4-5 hours and it took me 2-3 weeks at 1-2 hours a day to beat the 1player game on legendary when it first came out.

Captain Tuttle5384d ago

You guys are right...I just had images of "Fable" pass through my head.

Silverwolf5384d ago

I would say 10 hours suck! But then again I'm planing on re-playing the crap out of this game (just in case I missed something).

TheXgamerLive5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

It could be more like 14-18 or more hours. I don't ever use cheats unless I've already beaten the game on the toughest mode. Cheats/walkthroughs are for suckers, don't be a sucker. Challenge yourself and get your money's worth. Live online multi player campagains are truly where your really getting your money's worth.

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