PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Revealed at E3 2012

Anand Agarwal, Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing, writes:

"Hey PlayStation fans, we hope you’re excited about all of the latest news and updates we unveiled just moments ago. We’re always striving to create new ways for you to enhance your PS3 gaming experiences and this year is no different as in addition to the news that we shared with you today at the press conference we would like to officially announce the availability of the all new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, a brand new peripheral for PS3."

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SonyNGP3400d ago

Jesus Christ that looks ugly.

sikbeta3400d ago

More like, WTF is that Piece of S#!t!!!???

Honestly, move on, motion-controls sucked and people don't care about anymore

Dark3603400d ago

Looks like a batarang. WAhahaahahahaahahahaa


Christopher3400d ago

I saw that behind Tretton and wondered what it was. That's just horrific.

Nes_Daze3400d ago

It's not that bad, just looks complicated, hope they don't release this though.

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The story is too old to be commented.