Gears of War turn to toys

War is not a game, but apparently it makes for good playthings. NECA today announced that it is making a line of action figures based on Epic Games' Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War.

Set to debut in late spring, the first wave of the series will feature three figures: Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, and a Locust drone. NECA has not fully detailed future plans for the Gears of War line of figures, but did say this was only the first collection in an ongoing series.

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miasma4661d ago

If McFarland was doing the figures and collection.

bootsielon4661d ago

Isn't Gears of War a Mature game? This is retarded. It simply gives politicians something to talk about. Seriously, if Gears of War is played only by a Mature audience, this shouldn't exist, unless ALL of the buyers are immature adults, which is ridiculous. This only gives politicians like Hillary Clinton a reason to keep screwing with the game industry.

iNcRiMiNaTi4661d ago

yea i does sound crazy but there are some people who collect these. some have it just to have it, and some do it for the collection. i wouldnt do it but i wont knock someone who has a favorite game and decides to buy something else related to it other than a game.

BLUR1114661d ago

ooow i want me a general ramm (action figure)