Sony E3 2012: Last of Us Images

During Sony’s E3 2012 press conference today, Naughty Dog featured all-new footage of its upcoming survival title, The Last of Us. The title runs on the same proprietary engine that was used to develop the Uncharted series, however Naughty Dog reassures everyone that Last of Us is a game of its own breed.

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pwneddemocrat3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Yess!! Images are really appreciated now after we saw a gameplay footage.

MaxXAttaxX3338d ago

These aren't even good screenshots.
They captured these from the live video feed lol

Bathyj3338d ago

After seeing the AI in action, I really cant wait for this game now.

Anyone else notice the slot for arrows?

MiamiACR213338d ago

I noticed it, along with the stunning A.I you mentioned. After the main character ended the life of the man he held at gunpoint, his friend hid behind the couch, surely stunned at what had happened, afraid to move while he was getting shot at from the side; before finally flimsily falling over like a stiff puppet. I was holding my breath with suspense, such lifelike A.I surely can't be from this gen!

Bathyj3338d ago

Notice how sometimes when you line up a headshot, they will see it and move quickly. Not just ducking or running away like other games do it, but a sudden jerking out of the way, like you would really do it.