Insomniac's Full Moon Show Podcast

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:06:10 - Resistance 2 Update
0:19:42 - Mystery Guest of the Week
0:38:51 - I Want Your Job! with Project Manager Marcus Smith
0:52:35 - Community Update, new contest, fan mail
1:06:43 - Rolf's Rant
1:14:30 - Closing

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decapitator4665d ago

They have already finished the single player ?!?! that's incredible, and now they are just tuning it up.

Lucreto4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

They are living up to their name.

So they are also talking to someone from Bungie as well.

games4fun4665d ago

are awesome developers, they keep putting out quality titles

i_like_ff74665d ago

WOW finished the single player?!?!?! Insomniac are fukin robots made to create ownaging games.

niall774665d ago

thats crazy.

Resistance 2 will be great

jacobdevos4665d ago

what really blows my mind is it has been the same engine since fall of man..
even ratchet and clank was the same engine.. this is the advantage of working from the ground up on a proprietary engine. they can just keep using the engine and modifying it so that it owns at the time every time it comes out hahaha.

Mr Tretton4665d ago

aye. It's gonna be good when a lot of titles that have been long in the making, due to engine creation, games will start coming out faster due to the engines already being there.

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