Rumour :- Crysis might be coming to the PS3

Gamesradar reported way back in mid June,2007 that Crysis might be coming to the PS3. Apparently a new rumour has surfaced on Gamesradar claming that Crysis is indeed coming to PS3.

"Even before the PC version released, rumours of a PS3 conversion of the stunning Crysis (developed by Far Cry creators Crytek) were rife, and not far off the mark if insiders at the studio are to be believed. The game looks to be a port of the PC original plus some extra modes and features, a kind of Crysis 1.5. Like the PC game you can expect a visual powerhouse; an open-world shooter that begins on a beautiful tropical island before things take a turn for the worse and aliens from a parallel world stake a claim on Earth. Only the mighty Killzone 2 could possibly hold a candle to this shooter. For technical reasons we hear an Xbox 360 version of Crysis isn't in development. Bet you're glad you bought a PS3 now, eh? "

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zambrota5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

I would love to see the new look of Killzone 2.

I think Alan Wake and Resistance 2 would look phenomenal too . I am not saying they would look as good as Crysis /killzone 2.

Gears 2 would ofcourse look as good as Unreal tournament 3.

mighty Killzone 2 - I would love to see it at GDC


Alan Wake wont be as good looking as Crysis or Killzone 2. However both R2 and AW would look very good. I agree with Gamesradar on this . Killzone 2 will look as good as Crysis if not better.

However all of R2,AW,MGS4 and Gears 2 would be awesome games

decapitator5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

If this is true, this will indeed be a MEGATON. This year, the PS3's releases are full of FPS. FPS have also been proven to sell very well.
This could be Sony's plan. I know Crytek have confirmed to be cooking up something special for PS3. This could be it.

EDIT: IF Alan Wake makes it out this year without no major frame rate issues and such, that will be a big achievement for the 360.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

if Alan Wake actually exists!

Right now it`s classified under myth/legend/folktale for me. lol.

it`s the LOCHNESS MONSTER of the game industry.

decapitator5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

Yeah you are right, in terms of tech specs and sheer awesomeness on consoles, Killzone is the next greatest thing since Gears on X360.
Uncharted raised the bar alright but Killzone 2 is pushing even further.
If Killzone, Resistance 2 and the rumored Crysis drop this year, this will be massive.


Am sure Alan Wake exist, Remedy is a great games studio, if the game was still scheduled to be coming out for the PC, it would see a release this year but they are trying to have a simultaneous release for the the PC and 360 version.

The developers will probably not come out in the open and admit it, but am sure they are trying every way possible to get the game running on the Xbox 360.

BobDog5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

i watched a few alan wake videos, and all the ones that containted gameplay did not look all that crash hot, i would say its deffinatly not 1 of the best 360 exclusives coming out

@ below, solid put that in quotes otherwise you will have more disagrees b4 u clan blink from all the 360 fanboys lol

solidt125732d ago

They actually said this Ballz!

For technical reasons we hear an Xbox 360 version of Crysis isn’t in development. Bet you’re glad you bought a PS3 now, eh? "

ShAkKa5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

are you guys talking about this alan wake?
it looks like max payne.
i like max payne thought.

JsonHenry5732d ago

If this game does come to any console - it won't be nearly as spectacular as the PC version. At least not visually. So don't believe the hype. The whole line about there being a hardware hurdle on the 360 is total bullshit. If there was a problem they would just tone the graphics down a little like they have to do on all PC to console ports.

Howler94435732d ago

I watched the video of Alan Wake,and I heard something of interest. The gentleman from Remedy makes numerous references to what they are doing with the multi-core processors. One thing that he mentions is that, "We're using the multiple cores here to prepare data for rendering for the GPU".

That sounds like the exact same technique that a lot of PS3 devs are using. I distinctly remember reading that, Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Guerrilla Games are doing this.

I'm not saying that 360 dev teams couldn't do something similar. I think that the PS3 is better suited to something like this with its numerous SPUs.

This is where I think the Cell processor's real power will really help make some really great games for the PS3. I know that many will disagree with me and I really don't care, but I think the cell processor will allow for a lot of potentially better games for the PS3.

The 360 still has a lot of life and has a lot of great games, but for the long haul, my money is on the PS3.

I only hope that the devs can and will tap the power that is available to them with the cell.

theox2g75732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

Someone please post this video as a story, it's very interesting, for those naysayers saying crysis is just graphics and no gameplay, awesome review

Crysis Vs Call of Duty 4: A Video Commentary

Here is a video of crysis and how i believe it would run and it look if it came on the ps3, very high, mixed with high, medium, with textures alone on low since it is such a memory hog and it still looks fantastic,

Pain5732d ago

I would love to see the new look of Killzone 2.
-Same with time all PS3 games get beter looking with time.

I think Alan Wake and Resistance 2 would look phenomenal too . I am not saying they would look as good as Crysis /killzone 2.
- RFOM2 Might look beter never know with Iso looking at them Pics could happin, Killzone still is Major pretty.

Gears 2 would ofcourse look as good as Unreal tournament 3.
- Mabey on PC but not 360 dvd9 hurts gears for color and size of game.

mighty Killzone 2 - I would love to see it at GDC
-Diddo + RFOM2 in Motion

As for Alan wake just a Name of a Tech demo to me nothing more.

fightingILLINI5732d ago

the 360 has been weighed, measured, and found wanting. enough said.

lesferdinand5731d ago

"The whole line about there being a hardware hurdle on the 360 is total bullshit. If there was a problem they would just tone the graphics down a little like they have to do on all PC to console ports."

You are right if it would be just about the graphics. However, if I’m not mistaken there’s also a very complex physics model used in Crysis. I can imagine that that would be too much for the 360’s processor while the Cell might be able to tackle it.

But for now, this is just a rumour, so I wouldn’t LOL yet PS3 fanboys… ;)

Scrooge5731d ago

You are so right. Why do people argue that the PC is the most powerful gaming platform? It always has been! The console kiddies bash the PC but then get all excited when rumors of World of Warcraft and Crysis are coming to consoles. Get it through your heads kids! The consoles can't handle Crysis as is! It must be dumbed down first.

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OatLoops5732d ago

I figured that there'd be a console port of it since it sold "just okay". I'm surprised that it may not come to 360, though. I wonder what those "technical reasons" might be...

kornbeaner5732d ago

lack of Standard HDD. MS refuses to let devs create a game that needs a HDD to run. 360 devs have to make a game for both the HDD sku and non-HDD sku. You gotta believe that a game like Crysis uses HDD caching throughout the entire game and not having that option is asking for to much from the DVD drive.

zambrota5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

yes that might be the only reason.x360 can handle Crysis no doubt

Since crisis has large maps it uses data streaming which means streaming data directly from the HDD after partial /full installation .

However i expect MS to release the game for only those xbox users with default HDD. I am saying this since 80% of xbx users have premium/elite

Snukadaman5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

real gamers own xboxes with hdds...if for some reason they make it mandatory then so be it...why is it impossible too think if some people don't have a hdd they lose out on games....its their loss for being cheap.
@ bottom You people as in people who try too use not having a hdd a reason the xbox doesnt get a game... makroyale..ms mandates nothing right now...its all speculation that they dont make games because of people with no hdd....if that was the case ms wouldnt have arcade packs with no hard drives..arcade packs are for people who want too spend less money...

show me where microsoft themselves say they require hdd for games cornbeaner.

kornbeaner5732d ago

"You People" what do you mean by "You People"????

I don't run Microsoft. They are the ones put that limiting factor on the dev's not us. I am just stating that fact. Maybe you should spend the time and write MS an email stating how you feel, cause nobody here can help you with that.

Makroyale5732d ago

If M$ mandates that the must run without a HD then guess what?!?!

The game must run without a HD.

And since Crysis can't run wihout a HD guess what?

It won't come out for the 360... Until what?!?!

M$ says it will allow the game to run with a HD.

Johnny Blaze5732d ago

I guess if I can't play it on my 360 because of the Hdd mandate I will have to get the PS3 version....

Also I wonder how watered down it will be to run at 30/60 fps on either system...Guess will have to wait and see...

Black_Jack5732d ago (Edited 5732d ago )

i dunno, ps3 is pretty powerfull, i think they could do really good job of it and we might see something very close to the pc version, (gotta take into account the fact that the game will most likely run in 1080p aswell so of course it might have to toned down a little). but again this will be a port from a pc game, we all know that pc game archetecture is slightly differant from ps3 which is why we have seen some badly done ports.

Let's hope crytek put some reall effort into porting this well!! looking forward to the announcement!

BobDog5732d ago

i beleive if the devs are any good they can get it too lookjust as good as the pc version.. but thats a big if

Fat Bastard5732d ago

I think the inability to use a hard drive for a possible 360 port is a reason why it won't come, but do you think that's really the only reason? I personally don't think the 360 itself could handle a game as deep as Crysis, and even if it could, it wouldn't be able to fit on a dvd. I know the PC version is on a dvd, but pc's are way more powerful if you have a good one then a console. Don't expect a port for 360 is what I would say.

theox2g75731d ago

even for call of duty 4 to maintain a solid 60 fps, a few pixels had to be sacrificed and resolution had to be brought down to 600p, however the same call of duty 4 can run 1920x1080 with 60-100 fps with slightly better textures on a year old pc, ppl say specs of consoles don't matter as the games are made because the game can be optimized, but optimization is a very loose term, it's more like sacrifice, look at halo 3, u can't make such sacrifices on pc because they are unacceptable, ppl argue about games looking good on ps3 and 360 and easily forget the fact that u're playing on a tv/hdtv sitting 6-10ft away from the screen, tvs/hdtvs tend to interlace/upscale to hide ugly details, pc gamers however are less than to 3ft close to the screen so they see all the details that is why pc games have to look better, it is an obligation especially with texture quality, try getting closer to ur hdtv, tv and see how jaggy/unpretty some of ur games will look, ps3 and 360 are beasts of gaming consoles, very powerful and ps3 clearly having the edge with the cell but they are not gods u know, if even call of duty 4 had to sacrifice something, how much more crysis? Actually, it won't be a tough decision because even on medium settings, crysis looks awesome on an hdtv at 720p so maybe they can manage a mix of high and medium with a few very high, with that being said, that thing about crysis not being able to be maxed out is total BS, crysis look orgasmic with all very high at 720p with 2xAA on my 52" 1080p Bravia, it's even hard to concentrate and play the game sometimes, i play it with tweaked very high through dx9 and manage a solid 37 fps on my htpc Q6600, 2gb RAM, 8800gtx which cost me $1200

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heyheyhey5732d ago

interesting- i call BS for now, but it seems to me that no matter how hard you fight it- crysis will come to consoles, just look at the publisher

i seriously doubt that next-gen consoles (apart from the wii) cant run crysis- even if it takes a little optimizing

after reading articles about the power of SPU's on the CELL being unlocked allowing more code to be shifted to them i seriously doubt crytek cant find a way to port crysis to at least the ps3- maybe even the 360

i sincerely hope this is true and i trust gamesradar, but im not getting my hopes up just yet

Skerj5732d ago

Hell Insomniac are using the SPUs to do most of the work, and the stuff they're planning for R2 is just so awesome. That said, if this is true and it's done right it could be huge. But then no one could say anything about the 360 being the FPS system (shooter system yes) because the PS3 is getting its fair share.