How to Put your PS3 into a DMZ

If you have the following problems, this is likely to fix it.

* Not being able to join rooms
* Not being able to speak over your headset
* Not being able to hear other people over their headset
* Not being able to join private games
* Any problems to do with connectivity to the PSN, especially if your computer will connect to the internet, but your PS3 won't.

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WilliamRLBaker4662d ago

connect through a router? nearly all routers have an Demilitarize zone optiont (DMZ) you simple set the DHCP address you Want DMZ'd in that area and you make sure the ps3 is geting that address.

ITs easy by going into your connection settings on the ps3 is specifying what DHCP ip address you want the ps3 to request from the router you'll need other info like Subnet mask...ect then once ur done your ps3 will all ways have that IP address on your router and you can set the DMZ to that address all ways.

Joey Gladstone4662d ago

everytime he quits a game ..and then he has to resign in......Do you know if setting up a Static IP address as stated in said article will solve this issue?......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

StalkingSilence4662d ago

Shouldn't sony just make this easier if they want to make features like remote play mainstream? I mean I am a computer engineer and I will put my ps3 on a dmz (despite potential future security worries), but you really shouldn't have to do this. work out the port numbers and work closer with the companies like linksys, netgear, etc. so at least those companies have router-specific support pages in place.

aiphanes4662d ago

Brilliant!!!! This could be done...Sony please do with the major router manufacturers.

heyheyhey4662d ago

thank god- i hope this will reduce the amount of times i randomly cant sign into the PSN even though my signal strength is 90-100%

Mr_Kuwabara4662d ago

It's a lot safer if you Port Forward your router. It's a long and could even be a troublesome process if you don't know your router's password but you can easily just call your Internet service provider for at least the password.

The rest you can learn from Port Forwarding sites (they have a list of pretty much every router and explains with great detail how to port forward). I did a "Port Forward" on my router a long time ago because I couldn't create games on MGO (PS2) and it worked perfectly. :)

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