Metal Gear Rising demo shows sickening act of violence – Is it a step too far?

TVGB: At the time, the concept of slicing through anything in any way you see fit seemed like a fantastic innovation. But it wasn’t until a demo of the new version of the game (found here) was shown off at this year’s E3 that I realised the much darker and completely unnecessary implications of this system.

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RedDead3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )


Blackpool, have you seen the new vid?

It's gory enough, specially the beheading at the end, although it's definitely not close to some other games like God of war.

This game looks awesome anyway, the gameplay is somewhat unique. It's not a hack and slash the way ninja Gaiden, DMC etc are. It has other elements.

blitz06233893d ago

this guy probly doesn't know about the original Ninja Gaiden games

firefoxprime3893d ago

If you grew up on Mortal Kombat, then no :P

Andreas-Sword3893d ago

Ninja Gaiden is better than this Metal Gear RISING shit!

Gaming1013893d ago

lol I know right, can someone get this "author" a tampon please? lol I mean with all the slicing of enemies in Rising, that was the one part that harmed your high-estrogen brain? Oh no, he killed someone who was defenseless, they would've done the same to him a hundred times over if they had the chance, so please, get your vagina surgery and get off the internet.

Laxman3893d ago

The original Ninja Gaiden games? 8-bit NES didnt have very graphic violence at all, sorry to say.

Shadow Flare3893d ago

Did nobody in this thread even read the article?

He's not talking about the level of violence in general videogames.

He's talking about the level of violence shown here compared to other metal gear's, and how it doesn't fit into what metal gear is all about.

Whether you agree with the sentiment, whatever. But he isn't talking about general violence in videogames. But of course that's what everybody has jumped on

Shane Kim3893d ago

N4G in a nutshell. Read headline, post comment. He even states that videogame violence don't offend him but it's the comparison of past MG games. To be honest, I completly agree with the author. This game shouldn't be allowed to have MG written on it. It's just another hack and slash game. Greedy fucking corps.

Shadow Flare3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I know. It's incredible how people on the Internet are.

This is what the article is about:

"Videogame violence rarely surprises or offends me, but in the context of one of my favourite gaming franchises, (let alone one that so obviously prides itself on anti-war themes) I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Past Metal Gear games have allowed you to toy with the enemy so to speak, shooting arms and legs, but that was of strategic importance, allowing you to prevent enemies from running away or using larger weapons. Here the brutal act was met with a cheer and laughter from the audience in a sort of Grand Theft Auto-style of violent joy.

I’ve long defended Rising’s different take on a long-running franchise, but this was a move that made the game feel more distant from its predecessors than ever before. Would the Raiden I know, that I’ve spent two games with, really perform such a horrible and needless action? I know for a fact that he wouldn’t, especially after his peaceful resolution in Guns of the Patriots. Suddenly I got this sickening feeling in my stomach that my confidence in Platinum Games to handle the franchise with respect (despite the exaggerated action) was ill-placed."

So just to recap,

- videogame violence rarely offends him

- his issue with the violence is how it's been used and how it is straying away from what the metal gear franchise is about

But here on n4g he's being admonished for claiming this level of violence is too excessive for the entire videogame genre???

Ok.....makes sense.

The Internet never fails to surprise me

antz11043893d ago

First gameplay I've seen. As a Metal Gear game Im disgusted.....if they'd named it anything else I'd be fine with it.

gaffyh3893d ago

We get it, it's not a Metal Gear game, and I'm disappointed with that, but it still looks good as an action game. At least they got rid of Solid in the title, because now you don't actually expect stealthy gameplay so much.

Dee_913893d ago

hmm in gta vice city i would go on a rampage with aa katana beheading and watching people hop around on one leg...
Maybe its a step too far for raiden but I do remember him having some pretty gory kills on cyborgs and I think killing people is optional so..

Gaming1013892d ago

Ah yes, we have never seen this kind of violence, where a ninja goes around slicing guys up with a sword.... oh wait...

Ever heard of Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes? Nuff said.

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VileAndVicious3893d ago

......I personally think it could use more violence/

But seriously this is no more gory than GOW3,

lastdual3893d ago

But Raiden isn't Kratos.

It makes sense for a raged up Kratos to do hyper-violent acts. That's in character for him. For Raiden, however, it seems out of character.

The game itself looks fun, but the author of this piece does make a decent point.

CarlosX3603893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Whoever wrote this article possibly haven't played a GTA, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, or any First Person Shooter title. What a douche.

Obviously trying to troll for hits.

Ah, yes, I also forgot Mortal Kombat.


I'm not disagreeing he's trolling for hits, but I can see how some people may actually believe this is too much if they are coming from other Metal Gear games.

There's hardly gory moments in other Metal Gear games and when it's there, it's not glorified violence.

But even so, personaly I like it, it fits well within the superpowered robot ninja design they gave Raiden and the whole revenge theme... In fact, I'd say the gore in needed, the guy defeated multiple Gekkos in MGS4 without breaking a sweat, slicing through humans and cyborgs like butter make a lot of sense considering his power.

And it's not like he's trying to give his enemies a fighting chance, he's a ninja, so of course he mostly try to catch 'em out of guard.

CarlosX3603884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@bishop-br There ARE some gory moments in MGS2. Some, not a lot, but some.

And just remember, MGS2 was heavily cut due to 9/11, had that not been the case it would have been a much more gory, controversial title [more than it already was].

BlmThug3893d ago

Ive seen worse, MK, Manhunt, Ninja Gaiden etc.

Snookies123893d ago

Manhunt... Killing someone with a plastic bag. That game was just perverse lol!

soundslike3893d ago

Noob Saibots fatality comes to mind.


HammadTheBeast3893d ago

Considering in Sony's E3 I saw Kratos slash the brain out of a giant elephant-man, I'll kindly say no.

MrMister3893d ago

I dont give a damn about this exceedingly lame article. I'm just glad that Rising has some of the hunter-style stealth we were originally promised. I'm also glad the dismemberment is back. This looks like its not going to be some stupid hack and slash game after all. It looks like a bunch of genre's seemingly blended in one game.

pomoluese3893d ago

God this trailer just makes it look terrible, the gore isn't even the worst thing about it.

Who at the studio actually thought that narration was good?

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godslayer4293893d ago ShowReplies(2)
Haha1233893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )


and people didnt want a spinoff MGS game for some odd reason lol

younglj013893d ago

Lol so you never played an old mortal kombat game?

DeFFeR3893d ago

Lol so you never read the article?

Vaud-Villian3893d ago

Most dont like to give hits to rather shotty looking articles... like this one. Needs to learn to actually write properly, throwing "sickening" into the title implies disgust in the violence alone. It's just poor basement reporting.

younglj013893d ago

umm yes I did and the Mortal Kombat franchise wasn't mention so the big question is did you read the article?

IcarusOne3893d ago

umm the guy says right up front that he has no problem with video game violence. He was writing about violence within the metal gear franchise specifically.

so your snarky mk comment is kind of retarded. and your sassy follow up even more so.

DeFFeR3893d ago

"umm yes I did and the Mortal Kombat franchise wasn't mention so the big question is did you read the article?"

So, because you "read" the article, you'd know that it wasn't about comparing the violence of all video games, but only violence within the Metal Gear series, and how RISING is much more violent and gory than previous titles in the series... and how it has nothing to do with other games (like Mortal Kombat...).

I guess if you really did read it, you should work on fine tuning your reading comprehension so you don't come out looking like a dumbass again.

younglj013893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

umm you made the statement that i didnt read the article and I was making it clear why I mention the mortal kombat franchise.Even though this game have alot more glory then the early Metal Gear games.It still have nothing on the gory for the old days.So even if you factor all of that in it shouldnt matter if MSR have more gory then early titles because RISING is not an "Metal Gear Solid" title.

So maybe you need too comprehension better and understand that MGR and MGS are too different games and can't be judge as the same.Now do you understand or should I break down my logic even more?

If not 1 game is about stealth and the other is about gory.

ddurand13893d ago

was this your first video game ever?