Lex Luther Lends Voice to Dark Sector

D3Publisher today announced that Michael Rosenbaum, TV's Lex Luther, will lend his voice talents to the upcoming Dark Sector.

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rogimusprime4669d ago

Actually it's Lex LUTHOR....without an "e".

I realize it's the internet, but get it right!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4669d ago

i just posted it.


this studio is like 10 mins from my house, i actually thought i saw the guy who plays lex LUTHOR downtown the other day.

i guess it WAS lex luthor. lol.

akaFullMetal4669d ago

i like smallville, so i guess ill like his voice in this game

ParaDise_LosT4669d ago

I can't stop staring @ his forehead....ITs huuugggeeeee....
Almost intimidating *cowers behind the chair* ~_~