Jack Thompson Denies Hating on Buzz!

So-called 'anti-gaming' US lawyer Jack Thompson, who has engaged the likes of Rockstar in a number of high-profile lawsuits aimed at restricting the release of violent games like GTA, is apparently unhappy that Buzz! The Schools Quiz, could find its way into classrooms.

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Vo_Cal4667d ago

I wanna know who employs people like this... That's the guy we need to ride out on... Ya FEEL ME????????????

BrianC62344667d ago

Do a Google search for Jack Thompson. You'll find a Wiki page on him. He was against Janet Reno. And rap music. Now I guess it's videogames. He must have been born into money because I don't see how he could make a living as a lawyer.

I'd like to see Jackie in a nice dress with that lipstick. Maybe a nice pair of high heel shoes too. :)