TGS 2006: Lost Odyssey Hands-On

IGN got a chance to check out Mistwalker's much-hyped Lost Odyssey on the floor of TGS 2006. The story follows a character named Kain, sentenced to live for 1000 years.

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f1r3waII K1LL3r5847d ago

Graphically, finally a rpg that actually looks like this while you fight, I really just want to see some more gameplay.

Sphinx5846d ago

...buying all these good games for my 360!

Zipperdog5846d ago

"hay, there's a couple thousand of us but lets all stand around and watch the battle or fight him one at a time". These turn based style of games just don't appeal to me. go ahead flame me.

Silver3605846d ago

I like these games and I like the action Rpgs, but why flame someone for having thier own tastes. This game is a definate buy for me. I just can't see people trying to tell other people what to like. Ok, new rule if you want someone to like your type of game you buy it for them!!!! MAN LAW!!!

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