Bionic Eyes Could Change The Face Of Gaming

Kotaku Writes:

What if instead of having your television cluttered with interface elements while playing an FPS, you could have the HUD displayed directly on your eye? This is one of the possible applications of the bionic eye created by engineers at the University of Washington, which utilizes microscopic manufacturing techniques to contact lenses imprinted with electronic circuits and lights. While the current prototype has yet to light up and a full display version is still years away, the possibilities for such a device are staggering. From the press release:

"There are many possible uses for virtual displays. Drivers or pilots could see a vehicle's speed projected onto the windshield. Video-game companies could use the contact lenses to completely immerse players in a virtual world without restricting their range of motion. And for communications, people on the go could surf the Internet on a midair virtual display screen that only they would be able to see."

Not only would the gaming applications be amazing, but imagine a world where porn is just a blink away! Now that's some real innovation right there.

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Joey Gladstone4667d ago

"We can rebuild Him.......Make him Stronger, Faster" .....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4667d ago

said he needed his dignity back! 8D

Maddens Raiders4667d ago

Super Bubbles to you man!!!!

That is one of the greatest shows ever to be on TV. I wish they still made shows like they used to (the A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Dukes of Hazzard, Fall Guy, the "V" (remember the V!!!), instead of all the damn reality shows and crap like Cheaters and Cops (those shows were cool at first but the luster has worn quite a bit)...ahhh, but I digress.

The only thing that scares me about the Bionic eye, is the same thing that happened to Alan Bradley in Tron. 8D

JIN KAZAMA4667d ago

A new Knight Rider is comming on NBC this season man.

Maddens Raiders4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

you're exactly right. I saw the commercial for it the other night. It's a start. Something away from the brain dead and l-a-z-y "reality TV shows", so we'll have to see how it does. Still, it'll be hard to get used to without the HOSS!!! lol 8D

edit/: plus it should be the new Camaro in the show, not the Mustang (I have nothing against 'Stangs) because it's a GM vehicle. Damn producers! lol

Maddens Raiders4667d ago

I think most of you will like this.

Cyrus3654667d ago

For real Knight Rider back on TV? First Amercian Gladtors now this, lol..

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Cyrus3654667d ago

That'd be amazing if they put the hud on your eye ball, and imagine the other applications!

Nuclearwinter4667d ago

That's cool, but I don't know if it would be all that great for gaming. Would the HUD really be worth the trouble of sticking things on to your eyes every time you wanted to play a game?

Cyrus3654667d ago

Guess it depends how much it adds to the experience, and costs obviously.

Daver4667d ago

omg the technology is improving so fast loll
cant wait too see what the world will look like in 30 years..well if we are not dead yet..

hunter214667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

thats interesting... if ever they get succesfull creating this bionic eyes the world will change definitely the way how we look at it in the future,wonder what will happen on 2012. theres a chance that using that bionic eyes they can control peoples minds.... ok im getting anyways thats cool

ChickeyCantor4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

They also say 2012, the year of the end of the world : nibiru.
if these things wont do the mind control the annanukis will XD

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