Apple: Blu-ray Won the Format War

Blu-ray writes:

Jim Goldman of CNBC recently sat down with Steve Jobs to discuss the new and upcoming products Apple announced during the MacWorld Expo held earlier this week.

Jobs was asked about the format war and if he thought Apple had usurped both Blu-ray and HD DVD with their addition of HD movie rentals to iTunes. His response was, "Clearly, Blu-ray won, but in the new world order of instant online movie rentals, in HD, no one will care about what format is where."

We, of course, disagree with the "Mac Daddy", who failed to mention how his new downloads aren't Full HD like Blu-ray. Apple's iTunes HD movies are encoded in 720p, only half the resolution of Blu-ray, which encodes all film content at 1080p. Furthermore, only some of the iTunes HD movies have surround sound, and those that do only make use of the archaic Dolby Digital technology.

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decapitator4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Now if only they would announce the rumor about them including blu-ray drives in their laptops, they would be more merit to what they are claiming.

Of course they have won, but what are they doing to help them win it completely ?

EDIT: They should already go on ahead an announced their blu-ray laptops(assuming there is some), so I can finally pick up one.

zambrota4667d ago

Apple and Dell were the very first supporters of Blu Ray format

decapitator4667d ago

The moment dell announced that they would be supporting blu-ray, that should have quickly told people who were skeptical about getting into the hi-def world that, blu-ray had the advantage seeing as how dell is one of the leading distributors and makers of PC.

Shadow Man4667d ago

is there any news of HP laptops supporting blu-ray this year?

zambrota4667d ago

I am looking forward to purchase a Mac with built in bluray rom. I like apple products and i would buy a bluray equipped notebook for sure

Cyrus3654667d ago

Yeah a surprise he would come out and flatly state it...but then again he does preface it, with talk about his download service.

Cyrus3654667d ago

Well apple is part of the Blu-Ray association, so it's only a matter of time before apple products have blu-ray players built in them.

whoelse4667d ago

I have said this before. If the MacBook (PRO) gets Blu-ray, i could easily go Apple.

Adamalicious4667d ago

I think we'll see blu-ray drives as an option across the Mac line before to long (like this year). I could see them holding out until they have affordable combo drives that can read and write CD/DVD/BRD - which would be sweet. Hopefully in time for my next MacBook.

mighty_douche4667d ago

wi-fi Blu-Ray drive please. Go nice with the new Air.

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The story is too old to be commented.