Time Warner to test Internet billing based on usage

Time Warner Cable Inc said on Wednesday it is planning a trial to bill high-speed Internet subscribers based on their amount of usage rather than a flat fee, the standard industry practice.

The second largest U.S. cable operator said it will test consumption-based billing with subscribers in Beaumont, Texas later this year as a part of a strategy to help reduce congestion of its network by a minority of consumers who pay the same monthly fee as light users.

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Omicronn4669d ago

I doubt this will happen, but I can see cable companies doing this to stop people from downloading movies from Apple tv, xbox, playstation etc..
That way they only make the money off their "on-demand" service and not other video companies.

decapitator4669d ago

This would suck big time. I hope it never falls through. Unless of course, the rates are incredibly low.

But if this is been done to end piracy, then i am one hundred percent for it. Piracy is killing the game industry, PC and PSP to be specific.

fenderputty4669d ago

I know it has the potential to kill me if the prices are out there. I just don't see how one company can do this without risking loosing business to other cheaper providers. If this became a nationwide standard amongst all companies then, we could be talking about a problem. 4+ hours at a time in team death matches might get a little costly. lol

Omicronn4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

(This news is really for USA companies only BTW even though I remember when living in Euro a few did this as well and changed to flat fees like US has now.)

Did a few searches and it looks like a few of the providers are debating this.

They want to make it like Electric/Gas bills and bill according to usage.

This could be a huge blow to people who are looking to download movies in the future.

The providers always said when youtube video download types started to take off they would consider this form of charging.

Now with all this Movie downloads are the future business....

They want to cash in.

HDD may not be the format of the future anymore if this goes through and the price is high.

eLiNeS4669d ago

the sad thing is I am with Time Warner Cable at the moment. Not good!!!

Maddens Raiders4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Agreed. If they knew you, I'm sure they would feel the exact same... 8D

PS360WII4669d ago

yikes this could be bad :(

whateva4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

don't start that crap

AceLuby4669d ago

Well, glad I have Comcast (for the first time ever...)

bluhefner4669d ago

Comcast and Time Warners are affiliated or at least really close, so if this becomes a standard for Time Warner I know damn well Comcast would follow suite. Imagine waiting for an email confirmation for something really important and cant look in your mail because your session is timed out. I would be pissed off to know end. Im preying Verizon Fios becomes more available around the nation so it can c*ckblock the cable company monopoly.

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The story is too old to be commented.