Cryptographer Develops Multi-core Memory


One of the ways chipmakers improved performance was by building multi-core CPUs, like Intel's Penryn processors, that allow for parallel execution of data. Memory chips haven't been able to keep up with the performance increases we are seeing in processors making for a bottleneck in the performance of computer systems and other devices.

In order to tackle this problem, a cryptographer named Joseph Ashwood has developed a new memory architecture that allows for multi-core memory.

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mighty_douche4665d ago

"Ashwood says his architecture can hit 16Gbytes per second compared to the DDR2 limit of 12 Gbytes per second."

Well unless its much cheaper than DDR3 i cant really see the point?

travelguy2k4665d ago

XDR ram, cause for some reason i though that was supposed to allot faster. Also, I thought the real bottleneck was the HDD access speeds?

mighty_douche4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

very true, but with solid state drives coming or even 800gb+ memory cards, HDD bottleneck will soon be a thing of the past.

Honestly, at current hardware levels, 4gb of good DDR2 (maybe with a little OC) is more than enough, even with Vista. = Plenty.

GIJeff4665d ago

i use 4gb of DDR2 @ 880mhz. Its plenty for me!

heyheyhey4665d ago

this looks interesting, but DDR3 barely launched and now they are planning multi-core?

slow down a little ok, i still have to buy a ddr3 motherboard and they already have me excited about multi-core ram

i would like to see multi-core GPU and not just SLI... proper multi-core, i heard the nvidia 9800 will do something along those lines

mighty_douche4665d ago

9800GX2... they've gone this with previous cards (not to much success compared to SLI).

heyheyhey4665d ago

yeah, but this one is supposed a little different..... anyway you know what im talking about, multi-core gpu just like multi-core cpu

im sure its just around the corner

ionace4665d ago

they had the NVIDIA 7950GX2, but was like a thousand bucks or something and didn't quite scale up as well as SLI

GIJeff4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

its a damn good card. Theres no point to having quad sli because i dont have a monitor that would require that much video memory. The 7950gx2 has 2 X 512. Plenty for my dual 1280x1024 monitors... right now im getting 9200+ 3d marks in 06. Which is not bad at all for a dx9 set up.

AMD FX-62 @ 3080mhz
4GB OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 @ 880mhz
nVidia 7950gx2 570mhz gpu : 700mhz DDR3

I can literally play every game out with ease(60+fps) except freaking crysis.

@ heyheyhey
the 9800gx2 and 7950gx2 are NOT multi core. So really, that hasnt been done before. The closest thing will be ATI's new card, because its 2 gpus on one board. The 7950gx2 is two boards on top of eatchother(sli in one pci-e slot), as well as the 9800gx2(from what i gather, i could be wrong on the 9800gx2 as it is not out yet).

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