Ridger Racer 7 overheat PS3 At TGS

Looks like Namco's Ridger Racer 7 is too taxing on the PlayStation 3. Kotaku caught this poor floor rep tending to the overheated, bugged out PS3

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Eternal E 8085849d ago

signs of problems for the ps3 jsut had to be at TGS this is no surprise to me at all.

GTProwler5849d ago

Maybe thats why that guy had gloves on while holding the PS3 on a past post.

uuuunvnv25849d ago

OK OK OK...... look I own a 360, but this was put on this site just so people could start fighting. the 360 had some heating isues as well, mine has never messed up(thank god)!!! There is no reason for everyone to start bashing the ps3 b/c it is over heating. its new and has bugs to work out. besides........i think it has plenty of problems already, so no need to bash it more

calderra5849d ago

Did any 360s ever overheat at game shows before launch? [If you need help on this one, the answer is "No".]

NextGen24Gamer5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

What happens when you put unproven tech in a box and try to push it too hard running games in 1080p? ha ha ha ha...You get overheating on the first day at the show. So when you get it think you have a future proof system to next 10 years and it don't even make it past 10 hours. And you spent over half a grand on it...WOW. Like Eternal said. Common sense would tell you this would happen. Thanks MS for putting proven next gen tech in the 360. WOW

Looks like Namco's Ridger Racer 7 is too taxing on the PlayStation 3. We caught this poor floor rep tending to the overheated, bugged out PS3 that sh1t the bed during the first day of TGS. Yeah, we know this sort of thing happens all the time when you've got unfinished code running on unproven hardware, but we also know that even though you've got a Bravia television and a high end PlayStation 3, your cooling solution (an electric fan) is wicked ghetto.

Plus, 1080p and 60 frames per second don't mean squat when you're rendering a blank screen.

joemutt5849d ago

It probably wont even load the menu screen on Resistance.

HyperBear5849d ago

I LMAO when i saw this, and thought, hey it reminds me of something else that happend to me, twice, hmmm, maybe an overheated Xbox 360. 2 times thats happend to me in not even a year, and this is the 1st one, and prolly the 1st time it has been turned on. So for you guys to just flame this topic to hell for Sony, what about M$. Although, i got the 2nd replacement free, but still, what do you say about a product, thats only been out for 10 months and it burns on you twice. Every piece of technology overheats, so there should be no flaming here. every product does it, and it just so happend to occur on TGS. Whooopie

NextGen24Gamer5849d ago

I guess you got some bad luck if we assume you are telling the truth...but I have 6 360's since launch and haven't had any problems. And I have 8 friend locally that have 360's as well, and they haven't had any problems...So, yes there are always problems with new systems. And MS is taking care of what ever issues "some" people may have had with "free" repairs and a free extended warranty. But the point is the ps3 was bound to have major issues. The sysems haven't even been on for 10 hours and already over heating and stopped working. Not even a whole day folks. And I guarentee it has to do with the "Cell" and the hardware struggling to pull of 1080p on hardware that ain't powerful enough to do it. Once PPU with 7 spe's drawing from it is bound to have problems. I love the 3 PPU architecture of the 360. To me, its common sense that the ps3's will have major failures. Unproven hardware with devs desperate to show the power of the "Cell"...ha ha ha ha...But Sony and their followers are getting exactly what I said months ago. When sony fans would bash the 360 ... I told them...the joke will be on them when they get their ps3 home and plug it in. I haven't been wrong yet. Watch and see folks. If you think the 360 had problems...ha ha haven't seen anything yet. Ps3 will be in the record books....I guarentee it. And it won't be for sales. But for broken ps3's.

P.S. I have one question for sony fans....

If 2 of your Spe's were to fail in the cell chip......How would you know? People are going to play games that don't run good or just aren't impressive and assume it must be a broke Spe....then they are going to send their ps3 in for repairs and find out it wasn't a broke spe....its just the way the games look and play. But who would really know? With the cell having such low just makes for a scary situation for gamers who invest over half a grand in the ps3. WOW

HyperBear5849d ago

you buy a warranty. If it breaks down, or something wrong with it in a year, then you have that warranty to back you up, and you get it fixed or buy a brand new one. But when you look at how many defects there have been on XBox 360 compared to 1 heard of so far for PS3, thats not too bad. I mean ok so 1 out of 200 overheated. So .005% of the consoles made and sent to TGS failed to work, compared to the 3-6% that have already failed for 360 and thats out of 5.5million. So now that 1 PS3 has overheated, i guess that means it sucks if not even a full 1% of the systems have failed. Make sno sense. Like i said, products esp. technology, will often overheat. Dont see why when 360 overheated no one flamed them, but when PS3 overheats, ohhh they suck.

Grown Folks Talk5849d ago

that's all you heard everyday was how the 3sh1tty overheats. it'll burn your houses down. go buy your intercooler, ect, ect, ect. i can't fathom how people who post here can't see all this bs goes both ways from sony and microsoft fans. must be a lot of pac-10 officials and replay guys on this forum.