New "New Play Control": Can the Wii U reimagine some DS classics?

What if Nintendo brought back its "New Play Control" series for the Wii U? Could we see some new ways to play some DS favorites?

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PopRocks3593839d ago

Personally I'd prefer it if they continued the tradition of making the console able to play your handheld games. Super Gameboy on SNES, Gameboy player on GCN for some examples.

Seriously, Kid Icarus Uprising or Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D upscaled on my TV... 'nuff said.

Chrono3839d ago

That would be awesome

ShinMaster3838d ago

Wii U needed at least a couple of new Nintendo exclusive games to sell me into buying one. Not multiplatform games or HD versions of older games Nintendo games.