Lair - TGS 06 Dragon Raid Gameplay

An intense battle stirs below as we fly through the entire first level of Lair.

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Logan5849d ago

looks like alot of fun though.

Theonetheonly5849d ago

i gotta give it to em... this looks good.

minus the framerate issues of course

TR0N5849d ago

I'll be the first xbox fan to say it. "Looks like the 360 is in trouble afterall". this game looks sick!

Marriot VP5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

I know its not a direct feed but this game really does have popping textures, it's looks great and all I just could see myself getting this game.

When I look at splinter cell than Lair, there's just no competition. Because on the scale of Lair you can't have so many real life effects and graphics, it's a standard role playing "flight sim" kind of.

Graphics on this type of game shouldn't be everything. Cause it definately doesn't look as good as the trailer they had before. It simply just doesn't come off as the big graphics leap that it was said to be.

NitrogenB5849d ago

They're only like 30-40% completed with the game...awesome, this game is going to be a hafta-get.


looks jaggy and full of pop ups...

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The story is too old to be commented.