Tomb Raider -- E3 screenshots

Fresh screenshots from Tomb Raider have arrived, via Microsoft's E3 press kit.

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Conzul4193d ago

I've never played a tomb raider game, but I'm looking forward to this one. Definitely seems more mature.


i really like the use of the bow and arrow :D


Tomb Raider MTG card possibly shows new Lara Croft model for upcoming sequel

Tomb Raider x Magic The Gathering cards have been revealed, and they possibly show the new Lara Croft model for the upcoming sequel.

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H911d ago

What happened to her jaw

UpvotedOpinions10d ago

Modern politically correct tom(b)-boy. Like sony said "nerfing the female form" is necessary to please trans audience.

-Foxtrot11d ago

I hate their unified timeline bullshit, it just sounds awful

You can’t unify them as the original games universe is completely different to the reboot

I wish they’d just do a new universe completely

MasterChief362410d ago

I wouldn't count on it. Just original art, nothing more.

PCgamer9810d ago

Lara got the mary jane treatment as well.


Tomb Raider turns 27 years old and classic Lara Croft is returning from the dead

The Tomb Raider franchise turns 27 years old, and old school fans should be excited about classic Lara Croft returning from the dead.

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Babadook734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The first game is still my favourite game of all time. I liked 2 quite a lot as well.

Becuzisaid33d ago

Exploration, playing, puzzle solving. That's all that game needed, with just a pinch of combat. The sense of isolation and scale made the environments intimidating. Loved the first game.

Abnor_Mal33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Nah for me it was TR2-1-3 in that order.

Angel of Darkness was not as good in my opinion. The funny thing is I can’t remember why I disliked the game but just remember not really giving a fk about it.

I also liked Legend of hen it first came out but never played Legend2006.

MehmetAlperTR33d ago

yes i also didn't like th AODarkness.. Legend was good too.


Best Tomb Raider Games Ever Released

Lara Croft is among the most recognizable characters in gaming, so here's a list of the absolute best Tomb Raider games.

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