Shacknews' Left 4 Dead hands-on preview plus new screens

It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since Turtle Rock Studios and Valve announced Left 4 Dead. The premise is simple: four human players band together to survive a zombie outbreak, while four other players take control of the zombies themselves. Computer-controlled bots can take the place of real opponents if need be.

On the very same day that Valve announced it had acquired Turtle Rock, Shacknews staffers Chris Faylor and Aaron Linde made the journey to Valve to go hands-on with the PC and Xbox 360, which is now slated to arrive in the late summer.

These are their stories.

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poos34666d ago

ANOTHER 360 exclusive that leaves the ps3 left 4 dead

AngryHippo4666d ago a seriously MUST BUY for me. I can't wait for this. Its going to be scary as hell and seriously fast paced mayhem. Adrenalin pumping action with human players. Brilliant. Want to play this game ASAP.

zonetrooper54666d ago

Gonna get it for the PC, will be the best version. =D

snoopgg4666d ago

get condemmenned 2. The first game was scary as hell and had a good story to boot. The graphics are pretty good, giving the game the illusion of actually being real.

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The story is too old to be commented.