Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dated, coming to next-gen consoles

Valve has just dated its upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for August 21, 2012. It'll launch on all Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam (for PC and Mac).


Update: It seems Valve indeed means the 360 and PS3 when saying "next gen consoles". Apologies for the error.

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Snookies124200d ago

Next-gen? Those are current gen.

wohoo4200d ago

You should actually ready the whole story :)

"It’s said to arrive on “next gen consoles” also, though which ones is not specified."

MiamiACR214200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I feel it in my testes, next gen is getting close. Or, maybe that's just cancer.

*Edit* I just read your edit, time to go see the doctor.

theeg4200d ago

xbox360 and ps3 are "last-gen"

really, last, last gen, when compared to pc

Sgt_Slaughter4200d ago

Hope this is released on the Wii U as well.

EliteDave934200d ago

" Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dated, coming to next-gen consoles " FAIL.


CS:GO fans now frantically dusting off their Xbox 360s as servers are still online

One of the only ways to play CS:GO on official servers is via the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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mandf66d ago

4 or 5 players in a game is not players frantically dusting it off

Jin_Sakai66d ago

We all know that videogamer.com went to each and every Xbox 360 owners house to watch them frantically dust off their 360s.

Vits66d ago

I mean it is a 1000% growth in the player-base. /s

mandf66d ago

Enough to write an article though. N4g new owners are insulting us for click revenue

Vits66d ago


Nothing to do with new owners. N4G has always been the trashcan for game news and discussion.

northpaws66d ago

I love video games so much that I never have the time to replay the old one that I have finished, my backlog has only gotten bigger and bigger. I don't get how some people can play one game for years (except for mmorpg)

mandf66d ago

It's an exaggeration to the extreme. A way making an exclusive seen grander than it is.

Profchaos66d ago

Some people do I know someone who only ever plays dune 2000 which is rarely but still

RedDevils65d ago

Those Fifa or COD players do that every years.

Inverno66d ago

Wonder why they've never ported this game over to last Gen and now current Gen. This game would be pretty popular right now, I think.


Players Spent Over $100 Million On CS:GO Cases Last Month, A New Record

About 39.5 million loot boxes were opened throughout March 2023, right after Valve announced Counter-Strike 2. It goes without saying that gamers love gambling, especially those who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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OhReginald242d ago

I have about 260 hours on csgo and have not spent a single penny on any of the microtransactions. You can still enjoy it since it's not pay to win.