Motor Storm - TGS 06 Full Throttle Gameplay

Hang on to your hats and glasses, cuz' this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!

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DJ5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

Talk about hazard pay. At the end I was like "wait, where's the road?" Looks like even the AI screws up and falls to their death (which is better considering how often you can die). I would've driven the Semi.

THE TRUTH5857d ago

This is definetly a great innovative game that offers gamers totally new gameplay ezperiences!! No 2 races will be the same and we haven't even seen the weather effects yet. Bring it on Nov 17th

achira5857d ago

i think the games is very cool. its the first racing game i thing it feels like real (ok, gt has a good feeling too, but cant reach it). i am happy that i reserved this game ( oh, i will get it for free, because i preordered a ps3!).

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