Preview of 2008: Playstation 3

The Sun writes:

"In the last part of our look at what's in store for each of your favourite consoles, we focus on plans for the PlayStation 3. And don't miss next week for a round-up of all the biggest blockbusters you can expect across the formats."

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decapitator4662d ago

Some great exclusives in there. Can't wait to see what the months and weeks ahead bring gamers. Another great gaming year in the making.

SeanScythe4662d ago

Along with LBP, GOW3, R2, Singstar, FF13-Vs, Team ICO, Naughty Dog(Jak&Daxter)or (Uncharted 2) which should all make a big hit this year at some point.

mighty_douche4662d ago

Just bite the bullet and buy one.