Kojima: Three More Projects On The Way


"In last weeks Kojima Productions Report, host Ryan Payton, also assistant producer for Metal Gear Solid 4, wagered that if the Packers won the NFC Divisional Playoff game last weekend, he would announce something new in the Kojima world. The Packers won and Payton keeps his end of the bargain in this weeks podcast."

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techie4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )


Anego Montoya FTMFW4669d ago

you always find the GREATS.

on topic:

Woo Hoo!

Bonsai12144669d ago

seriously, i'm praying for a ZOE3 on ps3. i would pay $100 for that game.

UnblessedSoul4669d ago

mgs 1 remake with ps3 graphics please

poos34669d ago

ahahha i thought u loved your beloved MGS4? HAHAHA so u know its gonna bombed and also you see they are making fast games that wont contain much churning them out like EA games just to make a quick $$$$$$ while the games remain halfbaked

HarryEtTubMan4668d ago

Retard get a life. The PS3 is better than you and always will be. Your jealousy wont help anything. You will still lose. The PS3 will still ahve the best games and hardware sales in 2008 and for the rest of the 9 years the PS3 is out.

The PS3 is going to kick ur @ss(has been for the been for the past 3-4 months0

I would just get over it. Or don't. And still lose hahahaha. MGS4 is going to sale VERY well. Don't worry jealous hater.

Muff1nB4k3r4668d ago

Your comment.
Your baseless arguements.
Your grammar. (If english is not your first language, then I apologize, but your still an blubbering idiot that can't back him/herself up)

Don't disagree with me yet. I'm all for the banter that goes around on N4G (the original Zhuk and original DarkSniper provide some hearty laughs, but when you put down pure [email protected]#$, it's just annoying and takes away attention from reasonable users of this site that use logic, sense, reason, and good grammar. Unlike you.

He never said he didn't like MGS4, he just wondered whether or not Konami might make a 'updated version'/remake and post it on PSN (just like the rumors about FF7 remakes from Square Enix), and why would MGS4 bomb? Do you have any reasons? Do you happen to be some mystical fortune teller? If not then don't be an ass. People will buy this game, that's a given. I will buy the game. I don't care about sales, scores, or what other people feel (even if I may be affected by it) I want to enjoy a game and so will all those Metal Gear Solid fans who know that this game is coming from the same devs, same producer, more or less the same Kojima (he's got style to say the least) and a good reputation. So take your super half-baked fanboy comments and leave people that want to discuss the game like reasonable individuals or the ones that make us laugh. You make me feel pity for you.

Oh and say so long to your bubble.

travelguy2k4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

That bugs me about this game and Kojima's statement that this game must sell 1 million copies day 1 is... its hard to get to excited about something when there is no Solid release date and no one is doing pre-orders.
Its sad really, i'm sure the game will be amazing but as it stands...

Solid Snake has no Solid Date...

THE_JUDGE4669d ago

the one who said that. I think it was someone at Konami, and I don't see it as a requirement but more of a goal for the game. It would be awesome if it did sell a million or more on the first day. I know I will for sure be buying it. It also bugs me that there STILL is no release date. Its kinda scary, because Sony, Konami and Kojima have alot riding on the game. I hope the other games he's doing are on the PS family also, no Wii for me.

nimrod4669d ago

They never said they need to sell a million copies on day one to make profit, they said a million copies need to be sold on day one TO MAKE PROFIT ON DAY ONE!

Iamback4669d ago

How about you all listen regularly to Kojima podcast and hear for Mr-Payton that no one said that, it is just another internet rumor.
Thank God that there are idiots to buy it /sarc

deeznuts4669d ago

Ryan Payton said it. The reason he said it is because following typical drop-off percentages, they need to sell 1M on day one. They need to sell more than 1M total to make a profit, rumors are it costs 70M to make. Figuring in the dev doesn't make $60 on a game (I'm not going to guess what the actual amount is) they factor in typical drop off purchase rates and that is the figure they came up with.

The wildcard is that the game doesn't drop off much, and by word of mouth people buy it like crazy. Like Gears of War.

trikster404669d ago

Gamestop IS doing preorders for June 8 I believe. And Kojima didn't say it MUST sell 1 million day one, an assistant producer said that it would have to sell that to recoup the costs on the first day of sales. It wasn't a regulation.

FamilyGuy4668d ago is taking pre-orders and they have the release date down as June 30, 2008

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niall774669d ago

I wounder what 3 is????

"waits for xbot to say ,a 360 port of mgs4"

Spike474669d ago

Might get ugly depending on who draws blood first. Or whatever u might want to call it in this situation.

I'm almost sure that 1 of those projects is for the psp while another is a new IP.

I'm sure Kojima is kinda tired of the same ol story and may want to make a new succesful trilogy.

and I would be okay with that.

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