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Marceles4665d ago

sigh*...Call of Duty for me tonight as always, but better than the previous updates

DolphGB4665d ago

I mean, we finally start getting some traction for GH III in Europe. But I'm still waiting on Everyday Shooter, PAIN etc.

SCEE know about the issues though and are working on them, so maybe 2008 will see more in the way of simultaneous worldwide PS Store updates...

decapitator4665d ago

I was right when I said, 2 demos might hit PSN this week. Although, I wasn't expecting FiFa Street 2 though.

Am gonna go try it out later on and see how well it plays

dvx uk4665d ago

Just downloaded Fifa street 3. It ok, good laugh. Got pretty bored though after 3or 4 games

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The story is too old to be commented.