Blu-ray kicking HD DVD with a lead of 85:15 for week ending January 13th

Net HD DVD sales, according to Nielsen, constituted only 15% of hi-def disc sales last week. And the top HD DVD seller, The Kingdom, sold just 10% as many copies as the top Blu-ray Disc release, 3:10 to Yuma.

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demolitionX4297d ago

WOW!!! by LOTR triology it will be 99:1!

Cartesian3D4297d ago

after LOTR.. 99:1 ?

are u sure about 1 percent for HD DVD ?

IMO it will be sth like "100:nothin here to compare"

marinelife94297d ago

What is that like 5.66 to 1?

I wonder how it's doing Europe and Japan.

Stinkinmushroom4297d ago

wtf!! i thought it would be 75/25 or something

XxZxX4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Major @ss kicking and another nail to the coffin.

It's all lightning fault, because he traded his PS3 for a XBOX 360.
also partly ITR and cdzie1 fault, they failed to convince consumer and warner about how good HD-DVD is.

cloud360-7th_account4297d ago

I have been on this wbesite for a long time. but who is ITR

XxZxX4297d ago

you aren't here that long dude.

EZCheez4297d ago

That actually provided good arguments. He really tried to hold in his love for HD-DVD but every once in a while it would show only because he thought it was a better product.

zambrota4297d ago

I thought Blu would reach that ratio in a couple of months.

Never did i epect that to happen so soon

cloud360-7th_account4297d ago


ther will always be somone who will bye HD DVD when its still losing by that much

zambrota4297d ago

However many stores could dupe the senior citizens

XxZxX4297d ago

This is the intelligent of an average XBOX User.

InYourMom4297d ago

360 into this? Sony with it's BR trojan horse in the PS3 gave them this lead. If MS had launched with HD-DVD internal it would of been a whole different story. And the "elderly" are buying DVD which is still giving Blu-ray the asswhooping of it's life.

You Sony lot are some serious insecure butthurt groupies but I can understand when you are like the dog everyone enjoys to kick. Enjoy your first place Blu-ray movie sales on your game machine, while you sit in last place in the HD console war. Well you can always play Gears of Duderaider

XxZxX4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

ROFL Hey look inyourmom talking about insecure. That's really funny

Equinoxe_74297d ago

Inyourmom, you forgot, HD-DVD can't store games, Blu can.

chaosdivine4297d ago

InYourMom, what does Uncharted have to do with this topic? Gears of War's gameplay mechanics aren't even all that original. Killswitch and Winback had the cover system well before GeOW.

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