How to Ruin E3: Say These Five Phrases

The five phrases that will ruin any E3 presentation:

Motion controls, casual gamer, celebrity involvement, social integration, and Season Pass.

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Controversy4197d ago

Holy Moses this read my mind.

sphinct4197d ago

Mine too. I want to see pure gaming at E3; no gimmicks, no stupidity, just a love of the games.

gameplayingfool4197d ago

Loved it. Somebody make this guy E3's Quality Control.

pat_11_54197d ago

I pretty much hate the term 'casual gamer.' Everytime I hear it I zone out.

xtremexx4197d ago

just 2, either "casual gamer" or "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAAAAAACER!"

AIndoria4197d ago

Or "Finar Funshashee Shirsheen for ze EsxxBosxx shree Shixty" (Google Microsoft E3 Final Fantasy XIII surprise) :P

AIndoria4197d ago

"Casual Gamers" ...bleh! You ruined my day, ser!
You're either a gamer, or you're not. There are no casual gamers.
Motion gaming could've been huge(M$ will still place their bets on Kinect this year) but I don't think it has reached its peak, and I am not sure if it will ever.
Lastly, Celebrity Involvement...*sigh* Nintendo's ads were okay, but that's a big no-no. We all know celebrities aren't gamers, what's the point?
If you want ads, make them like Sony's "To Michael - Long Live Play." Now THAT was advertising.

pangitkqb4197d ago

The idea that there aren't market segments in gaming is silly. Terms to define those segments are necessary, even if not entirely accurate. Saying there are only gamers and refusing to see the different styles is like lookin at a group of dogs and saying "they are all equal sled pullers because they are all dogs," completely ignoring the fact that some are huskies and the others are chihuahuas.

cyclonus0074197d ago

Well, I guess you can consider every E3 keynote ruined...

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phoenixwing8h ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha4h ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

qalpha4h ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls


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Profchaos2d ago

Quite good numbers the DLC is amazing and was in my top 3 gaming experiences this year.

I wonder that attach rate is excluding sales on ps4 and x1 but does that include people who upgraded from PS4 to 5 and xsx etc as the attach rate is likely far lower if you include last gen owners who updated

CrimsonWing692d ago

Really can’t wait for the sequel. I love the world of Cyberpunk.

JeffGUNZ1d 23h ago

Man, I played this game when it first launched, back then I had a 2080 and was able to play over 60FPs with RT off. I beat it and never played it again. Just got Phantom Liberty and started playing the 2.0 update with a new character and man, it's such an amazing game now. I am also now playing with a 4090 RT maxed and it is absolutely stunning.

Demetrius1d 22h ago

Recently beat cyberpunk, the 2.0 update was on point fasho, the graphics still look.good asf, hopefully in the sequel there's more to do and interiors to explore