Microsoft Execs Jumping Ship Like Rats

It seems that Bill Gates' departure was just the beginning, as at least 5 top Microsoft executives are riding off into the sunset.

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MailMan4667d ago

Windows Vista,Xbox 3FIXME,Micro$oft Zune,HD DVDead,Xbox Live.

For EACH leaving Executive,there is corresponding FLOP they take with them.Vista is full of CRASHES and BUGS,3FIXME requires a Fire EXTINGUISHER and Wet TOWELS to work for a WEEK,Zune ZUCKS,HD DVD is DEAD, and Xbox Live is UNSTABLE and UNRELIABLE.

The only solution for Xbots?Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

marinelife94667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

That's when any smart executive leaves a company when they know a valley is coming.

1. You look good because you can brag that you helped the company to it's pinnacle.

2. You look good because you can brag that the company went south after your departure.

There have been a lot of fishy things going on with MS lately especially with Xbox 360 focus. It seems since last summer that they're almost planning an exit strategy from the console market.
Inexplicable things have been going on.

Peter Moore - Leaving

RROD - costs 1.3 billion

Bungie - Leaving

Bizzare - Leaving

Tokyo Game Show - Terrible Showing

CES - Nothing announced

Xbox live - Non repaired problems for a month

Bill Gates - Leaving

Robbie Bach - Selling his Microsoft shares

X07 game event - Canceled

2007 Game lineup - Poor

They just don't seem to have the fire or innovation that they've had in the past. Either they're bowing out or already focusing on the Xbox 720. Who knows I'm probably wrong they're probably just resting on their laurels. They just haven't said or announced anything new or exciting for months now. (My bad I forgot they announced Scene it)

drewdrakes4667d ago

I dont think bill gates is leaving because of the Xbox. Maybe its because hes been there more then 30 years?

marinelife94667d ago

BG is leaving to devote more time to his charitable foundation he and his wife started.

Kleptic4667d ago

if you mean "been there more than 30 years" as in "created the entire empire"...then I guess...

Gates departure isn't too suprising, given his philanthropy stuff...but the rest leaving is a little strange...

you have to definitely hasn't been a normal past 6 months at MS...RRoD issues...very standoff'ish on the failing HD DVD with stuff like " wasn't the future anyway"...and lots of top tier peeps leaving...

Vista is still a mess market wise...the Xbox line, despite what many argue as the best lineup in history, still showed little growth over 2006...with no better foreign territory penetration than live as a subscribed service isn't black yet (apparently MS thought it would take off like XBL)...

oh well...MS isn't going just might be a year where they didn't have insane profits though...who knows...

AngryTypingGuy4667d ago

"Jump out and PLAY B3YOND"

What is it exactly you're playing beyond again? I don't know how anyone can think that the 360 is a failure. For a failure, it sure has captured a good portion of the market place and gotten a lot of PS2ers to jump ship. How will you judge the success of the PS3? There is a chance that the PS3 will "win" this generation...however they will have lost a big chunk of the market share that they once had with the PS2. It's inevitable.

By the way, it's now 2008, and multiformat games STILL look better on the 360. What year will you have to "Play B3yond" for the PS3 to blow away anything the 360 can do?

As far as Microsoft goes, it is and will continue to be just fine.

Shaka2K64667d ago

xbug 3rd60 the Titanic of 2008.

godofthunder104666d ago

i've never seen people that's so bias and doesn't even know what the hell is going on.first to all the people that's saying gates left because of the 360,hell the truth is that gates been saying this was his last year for years now and the people that say different is just dummies. not only did he said he was leaving this year years ago but he's not leaving completly,he will still have say so in microsoft.
the reason that gates is leaving is because him and his wife want to donate more time to their charities.unlike the president of sony,gates donated most of his money and time to people that need help and that should show what kind of man he is and the people that call him names are just jealouse a**holes who will never donate the money that gates had even if they were worth twice as much,they would do just what the president of sony does,they will pocket as much as they can and screw the poor people.
unlike bias ps3 fans,i'll admit that the ps3 is a good system,even if i hate sony and would never buy a ps3(i buy american as much as i can to support my country not japan).the truth is that the 360 out sold the ps3 in december and outselling the ps3 so far this month.
i don't like the wii either but it's in the best position out of all three systems because they are making profits already and they deserve to be in first place because they had a smart plan.the 360 is in second place and it deserve to be where it's at,it made a profit last year for the first time and the 360 is still selling well.i think that the ps3 isn't any where where sony thought it would be,hell sony thought that they would be in first place from the beginning but people are starting to get tired of sony arrogance.
ps3 fans want admit it but the ps3 want have a bigger percentage of systems sold like they used i said before i hate sony and i will never buy a ps3 but unlike bias ps3 fans i give credit where credit is due.after it's all said and done i think that the final listing will be the ps3 first,the 360 second and the wii last but the ps3 want win by a lot.the ps3 and 360 will run neck and neck but i think that as time goes by the wii will just fade away because people will want the games that the ps3 and 360 have.
ps3 fans can say what they want but the 360 is a damn good system to and it was a smart move when they didn't put a br or hd dvd drive in it so they could keep it cheap and it worked,hell the only reason that sony put br in the ps3 was because they figured that if they did then they could get more br players in homes before hd dvd did not for games and it was a smart move because it won the format war for them.
the truth is that so far out of all the games that came out %99 of them only used 1 disc and the majority of games that they are talking about that's coming out in the next 2 years will use just 1 disc to.i'm not saying that some games want use more then 1 disc but %98 of the games that's out now and coming out in the next 2 years will use just 1 disc.
i know that ps3 fans want give credit to anything unless it has something to do with sony but microsoft had a smart plan and it knew when they were getting ready to release the 360 that games want really need a br or hd dvd drive for another 4 to 6 years and by the way it look they were figured that since games don't really need br or hd they would just put a dvd-9 drive in so they could keep it cheap so they could sell more and it worked.they figured that games wouldn't need the new drives for at least another 5 years and they were right.ps3 fans could say what they want but the factssay that games don't need br or hd because %98 of games use just 1 disc on a dvd-9 drive.
microsoft figured that br or hd dvd want be needed for games for another 5 to 6 years and then when that time comes it will be ready for a new xbox because they said that the 360 will last 5 to 6 years and no longer.when they release the new xbox it will have a br drive and they will still beable to sell it for $400 or cheaper and when they release the new xbox it will be alot more powerful then the ps3 because it will be made about 5 years latter and the people that said it's not true need to have their heads xrayed.the new xbox will sell a lot more units because it will have no competition because if ps3 fans belive what sony said then sony want release another ps for another 10 years,hell just after 5 years the ps3 will be me one electronic product that wasn't outdated in 5 years,you want because every one was out dated in 5 years or less and no mater what sony says they can't change that.

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Kleptic4667d ago

haha 6 disagrees...

I guess some think you don't fit in...

funny comment though...

The Killer4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

LMAO! that was funny, sure we dont want xbots to be on psn but i think we should give them mercy for the last chance, if they bad mouth ps3 again then thats it, we will mark them at xbots and make a petition for sony not to sell them the playbeyond ps3!!

so xbots watch ur mouths!!! any slip can cost u 6 years of not excessing the ultimate fun playing beyond!

sorry but u r stupid!! that was suppose to be a joke, who would be that insane to think that way?? maybe xbots but that aint me, since u believe what i wrote it shows u come from that same background!!ps3 is for every body and no one has the right to say other wise and any body can change his opinion specially when ur console is getting a$$ kicked!!


to those who took my bubble away i wold say stick it up ur @$$eS, i need only 1 bubble to shut u up!! i rarely use more than 1 bubble!

Skizelli4667d ago

That's the stupidest thing I've read all day. You're a fanboy. That means you're just as bad as an "Xbot." If Xbots were to run rampant on PSN, you wouldn't even know it. You all act the same.

Odion4667d ago

i like how they try to show this as a major problem, ya cause MS didn't have their biggest year last year, and their stock is at an all time high

fenderputty4667d ago

stock will go down due to this happening? The company might be fine in the long run but, this type of stuff makes investors screwy.

fopums4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

let the trolls have their fun :D

edit: No I didnt read his profile, its certainly gaming news, but the people who will likely end up commenting on this are the people who care more about a company failing then what they provide gaming wise. You can see this trend already.....

Kyur4ThePain4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Have you taken the time to look at the contributor's profile?
Do you see what he owns (impressive, I might add).
Anything BUT a troll.

Are the people that are leaving doing so because they want to, or are they being asked to?
Is there a sinister reason behind them leaving?
Is this just coincidence?

I guess we'll never know.

Dudeson424667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I just report what I find interesting, I couldn't care less what company it's about.

And thanks for the compliment about my collection, it may be sold in the near future =( Damn student loans...

Bladestar4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

what!? ahhhhhhhhh ahahahahaha!

dude... do you own microsoft shares? Sony shares for that matter?

kid.. just shut up... play games.... and yes... I also own Sony shares.... Since the announcement of blu-ray...

I own various big game publishers shares too... like EA....

You freaken people should try doing the same instead of trying flame every xbox 360 bla bla bla... you have no Idea the knowledge value we have when it comes to investing in the game industry... we know in advance which game is going to come out for who and which company is panning to buy what studio... i.e. which shares do you think I am going to buy when Metal Gear is released.... or when Gears 2 is released...

I may be bias when it comes to playing games but when it comes monero! $$$$, mula! I let you fight over that... and no.. microsoft shares arent in trouble... uhhh.. no... ehhh no... lol.

as matter of fact microsoft shares are up today... muahahaha!

The Wood4667d ago

things like this happen all the time. Its nothing to shout about really. An example is if a manager leaves a football club many of his backroom staff will do the same and may even follow their manager to their next appointment if permitted. Out with the old and in with the new. Happens all the time

klashawnd4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

This is what you call pwnage:

From Wikipedia:

"The stock price peaked in 1999 at around US $119 (US $60.928 adjusting for splits)."

So obviously the stock is not at an all-time high. In fact it is trading at 33.39 which is $86 dollars BELOW its all-time high.

Now Nintendo on the other hand....

Damn I should have bought the stock right before the Wii came out!!!

EDIT: Who the hell disagrees with facts? LOL

Kleptic4667d ago

haha yeah, wtf?...bladestar claims to own shares of MS...yet is unaware that pretty much every major US company that was around before 9/11 is still lower than it was then...

Sony on the otherhand just saw a 4% increase in share value with the BD market shift...and is a potential gold mine if HD penetration keeps its exponential increase well as if PS3 momemtum keeps building...

buy Sony...sell MS...for the time being anyway...

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rawd4667d ago

Jump out and PLAY B3YOND