Microsoft Teams Up With The Father Of VHS

With the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war coming to a close, it's strange to hear any news out of the VHS camp, but that's exactly what's happening. Microsoft has entered into a new agreement with the father of the VHS format of VCR. Specific details of the agreement have not been made public, but it was stated that the huge library of patents being cross-liscensed is a major factor.

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zonetrooper54669d ago

Reported your comment as spam, your nothing about another troll. MS wants to do this as they want to slow down Blu-Ray as much as they can so they can get DD on XBL even better, common sense. Ever heard of it?

rawd4669d ago

I thought the future was digital downloads

Oh Microsoft , you silly little turds

athlon7704669d ago

Maybe a storage medium for those Digital Downloads to get them off your hard drive...naw, I give up, no clue what MS is up to with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.