Atsushi Inaba: Ninja Gaiden 3 was “a shi**y game,” don’t compare it to Metal Gear Rising

Gematsu: "Metal Gear Rising producer Atsushi Inaba doesn’t like Ninja Gaiden 3. So he would appreciate it if fans quit comparing it to Metal Gear Rising – because some of them are doing that, apparently."

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NYC_Gamer3896d ago

NG3 was a shitty game compared to the other versions

rogimusprime3896d ago

Right. The bar was set so high by the others that NG3 was a damn tragedy. Let's not forget about Ninja blade...

morganfell3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

He shouldn't really be bragging about Rising either. Talk about not living up to your predecessor's. Anyone that has played MGS4 and witnessed the fighting knows that Raiden's assault is a graceful ballet of death. It is beautiful violence, a choreography of annihilation. Rising lacks this in everything we have seen. Although there is speed it is a crude hack hack hack with none of the delicate destruction wreaked in Raiden's previous incarnation.

Venoxn4g3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

I actually liked Ninja Blade, I would say it's underrated, can't say the same about NG3

piroh3896d ago

even if it's true, it's a little bit unprofessional

let's wait till release of MGR

wishingW3L3896d ago

Rising looks terrible to be honest. Specially the art-direction, it's sooo ugly and generic I can't believe this is a Metal Gear game. And not to mention the insane screen-tearing, you can't even enjoy the action with the screen breaking apart all the time. The game's seriously lacking in overall quality.

And I know you guys are gonna disagree with my comment no matter what and that's why I ask this in advance: how can you guys ignore it that easily? Or is just that you're so blind you can't see it?


Personally I liked the last MG Rising trailer. I see some stealth there, multiple weapons and even some more delicate slow-mo hack & slash that we could expect from Raiden, all combined with DMC-ish badass action.

Still not sure if this is going to be good. We had only seen trailers and it's already a emotional rollercoaster. The first teaser got me hyped, the Platinum trailer was a disappointment, now this last trailer made me hopeful... Gotta wait and see I guess.

crxss3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


"Professionalism" in the video game industry? Haha there's so many outspoken developers and so on that whenever a comment like this comes out I'm not surprised. There are also some very professional figures in the gaming industry, but I feel like a lot of people in the industry can feel free to be themselves because once they've made a name for themselves I don't really associate them with their company anymore, instead I just see them as they are.

Also MGR looks amazing. I love platinum games and they definitely know how to make action games. However, story is an integral part of the Metal Gear series so not sure how they'll do with that part, luckily Kojima has input so I'm not that worried about it.... Only slightly

LastDance3895d ago

I wouldn't be bragging about a game that can't even make it out the gate.

HacSawJimThugin3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I respectfully disagree sir, I thought Ninja Blade was the perfect embodiment of a Ninja. The action was so over the top that only a truly gifted shinobi could pull it off. The QTE were some of the coolest I've ever seen at that time. Severely underrated game.

elmaton983895d ago

Stealth gonna be there too so the game gonna be good but like it or not I'll buy it day one.

Gaming1013895d ago

If you read his twitter it actually doesn't say any of that, it says some other weird shit in Japanese translated in English but it doesn't say anything about shitty this or that, that was whoever it is came up with this post.

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LOL_WUT3895d ago

Well, lets just hope his game isn't sh**y either.

Andreas-Sword3895d ago

Metal Gear Rising producer "Atsushi Inaba" is unprofessional and a STUPID TROLL !

Siren303895d ago

Did I miss something? When did metal gear rising come out? Morganfell acts like he's been playing it for weeks

Brosy3896d ago

Who really gives a damn, Japanese developers are a shadow of their former self. Kojima is so overrated its pathetic. Ive written short stories that were much more coherent than his convoluted stories.

gintoki7773895d ago

Kojima overrated? Good one

Lord_Sloth3895d ago

Congratulations. You've managed to write 5 minute stories that you feel are better than Hideo Kojima's entire saga of works. Very modest of you, random internet dude I've never heard of.

avengers19783895d ago

Ninja Gaiden has a history of quality action gaming with a difficult challenge that really makes you feel great when you get through a tough game... NG3 did not live up to this standard. Don't screw up Metal Gear RR, and give people a reason to compare it to sh$t*Y games.

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Snookies123896d ago

I'll give Rising a chance, because I'm a die-hard Metal Gear Solid fan. Though honestly the change in direction makes me scratch my head a bit. The over the top-ness of what I've seen is a little off-putting to me despite the fact that there have been moments like that in the Solid series.

I guess we'll just have to wait until it's out to get a good verdict. I'm just a bit wary is all I suppose.

Nitrowolf23896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

They said you could play the game using stealth, yet the last trailer shows us all action and such. I mean not a single part of that demo showed any stealthness.

Either way, it's a spinoff and not part of the actual series story. Probably will end up getting it cause it does look like a good hack and slash, but no way am I going to play it just cause it has Metal Gear in the name.

Batzi3896d ago

That was the case prior to handing the project to Platinum Games. It was suppose to be a stealth game and it was called MGS: Rising. This one is totally different from the first concept.

pandatomsk3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

there were 3 "stealth" kills shown in the latest trailer:
1) aerial stealth kill coming down one footed on his sword
2) common behind the back stab
3) he sliced the guy in half from behind the pillar

there was atleast an inkling of stealth

if you remember, the original was supposed to emphasize stealth but also a sense of hunting your opponents. rising was supposed to be about ultimately engaging and dispatching your prey. metal gear solid is WAY more about NOT engaging, being completely undetected. different ends even since the beginning of the project.

Summons753896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

actually it is a part of the main story seeing as it's about Raiden who is a big part of it. just because it dose not have Snake in it dose not make it any less important than Metal Gear solid peacewalker which can be argued has nothing to do with the series story.....but still dose seeing as it shows what Big Boss did after metal gear solid 3. This is about Raiden and his character, how being a child soldier effected him and reveal more about his past and why he is now who he is. There will be some stealth options but they said from the very beginning this was ment to be a fast paced action game because people wanted to have a playable Raiden and do the stuff he did in MGS4

Outside_ofthe_Box3896d ago

Rising is not suppose to be a stealth game anymore. The sooner people realize that the sooner they will see how promising this game looks.

I was EXTREMELY skeptical about this game prior to seeing the latest trailer because it wasn't being made by Kojima, but after seeing it, most of my doubts are gone. Now I just hope that the story is on par with the Metal Gear Solid series.

RedDead3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

I'm surprised they stuck in any stealth at all. it's not your typical Hack and Slash either I can tell you that. it looks amazing though

rdgneoz33896d ago

"there were 3 "stealth" kills shown in the latest trailer"

True, but the only stealth it looks like it'll have is basically the opening attack to start combat with.

Virtual_Reality3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


It is a spin off.

MG Rising ≠ Metal Gear Solid Series.

yaz2883896d ago

raiden is fucking super ninja ... stealth doesn't make sense with him!! we want to play the badass ninja who rocked in mgs4 cutscenes ..

I can't belive some people actually believed that they are getting a traditional mgs stealth game .. platinum is doing this right.

WeskerChildReborned3896d ago

Well being ble to slice through a pillar to kill someone is pretty stealthy when they don't know you're there but i'm not sure uf it alerts anyone.

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SnotyTheRocket3896d ago

E3 is soon, probably gameplay there.

user54670073896d ago

Someone developing "MGS5" could probably say the same about Metal Gear Rising

"Oh yeah that spin off...yeah it was terrible, not really a MGS game. MGS5 will obviously be better then that"

Patriots_Pride3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Why would they say that about there own IP....You do realize that Konami owns MGR and MGS right.

That would be like Naughty Dog talking crap about Sony Bend Studio who developed UC Golden Abyss.

SMFH - I know your a Sony supporter but Sony does not own MGS and Konami does so need need to have a fit because this game went multi-plat.

What will your excuse be when MGS5 is announced for the WiiU,PC and 360?

Dark113896d ago

MGR is action game and MGS5 will be a stealth game
so why the fuck you compare these two?


lategamer3896d ago

Considering that the team that was making MGR couldn't even make it properly, they have no right to talk.

If Platinum didn't jump in, the game would have been canceled.

"Oh yeah, that spin off... yeah it was a pretty amazing action game... we couldn't even get the project going and Platinum delivered one of the best action games of the year" Nuff Said.

Gen0ne3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Hahahaha... I love reading MG diehard remarks. They're the only one's hatin' on this game. News Flash: It's not a MG game. I repeat: It's NOT an MG game. It's a spin off. You'll get your real MG next gen. Relax and enjoy the ride. Good God.

Edit: And yes, NG3 was complete crap.

FlashXIII3896d ago

" News Flash: It's not a MG game. I repeat: It's NOT an MG game. It's a spin off. You'll get your real MG next gen. Relax and enjoy the ride. Good God. "

O rly? I must be seeing things in the title then.. because I could have swore it was called METAL GEAR rising..

Gen0ne3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Come on man. It's a spin off that shares the same universe but not the same MG gameplay. Plain and simple. It's a... *deep breath* Spin. Off. Therefore, it's NOT Metal Gear. Despite sharing the same name.

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NastyLeftHook03896d ago

It looked like Ninja Gaiden, But never felt the way it should.

Yangus3896d ago

Its true...its true...MG Rising awesome!