Wii and PS3 Neck-and-Neck in Purchase Intent in Japanese Survey

Is the PS3 making its move in Japan? A new survey shows that software content matters more than pricing in Japan and that gamers appear to be equally split between Wii and PS3 for their next console purchase.

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Joey Gladstone4662d ago

Wii is indeed a GREAT BIG DRAGON to slay, but muster your courage BLACK KNIGHT that is Sony and ATTACK the BEAST HEAD ON and Valiantly......
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

PSWe604662d ago

Good analogy,

Its already started, 360 is long dead in Japan, and now Wii and PS3 are neck and neck...PS3 is growing in Europe and catching up in the U.S. It's all good, 2008 is Sony's year.

BobDog4662d ago

but they are all little kiddies, then their parents go out and buy the cheaper one, then the kid cries

gamesR4fun4662d ago

they'd be neck in neck in sales 2....

eagle214662d ago

The psp took time, but PS3 adoption by Japan core gamers should arrive quicker by MGS4. The casual market will grow for PS3 in Japan too, spearheaded by Blu-ray adoption like ps2 dvd (which Wii may add too in Japan (dvd or blu-ray?).

eagle214662d ago

Every good thing has it's season.

eddierivera4662d ago

People who own The Wii are just casual gamers for the most part. There really isnt any good online support for any games, which is the reason why SSBB wont be coming out next month. Most of these people have never played games online, and therefore they do not even know or understand how cool it is to play against or with real people. There is no community on the Wii, not even voice chat, yet.

Pretty much what Im trying to say is that people who got a Wii have no idea how much the ps3 kicks arse. If they understood the concept behind the ps3 their would be a big differance in sales,,

I think the ps3 does good with advertising, cause it looks cool, but it should point things out besides games.. They should be showing voice chat and text messaging and other stuff like listening to music and downloading stuff to show the big differance between the two, cause there is a big differance.

They made commercials about games, the girl swinging the sword,, warhawk, uncharted,, yea it looks cool, but honestly, the wii games are way more fun then the listed ones above. I know cause I own both systems,, and the only reason why i get on my ps3 is to hang with my friends and play call of duty,,, if im not doing that im playing Galaxies or Tenkaichi 3. Oh yeah, hey joey,, your Fu*king awesome dude,,, i love that pic, its so pimp..

titntin4662d ago

Your statements might make more sense over here - but its simply not true in Japan where gaming and gamers are very different to us here.
Online is really not the huge issue it is for us here, and core gamers are as likely to be thrilled ny the WiFit board as their mums are.

I'm not suggesting that the PS3 will not have a great time of it this year in Japan, all the surveys have shown for some time that the japeneese have been waiting for particular software before they buy it and it's all coming. PS3 will be massive this year, and I will be glad to see it.
But I would say don't be dismissive of the Wii in Japan, it suceeds for different reasons than it does in the west and will continue to be top dog over there. This is coming from someone who's own Wii is gathering dust!

LanRanger4662d ago

I don't think you understand the casual gamer very well. Everything you mentioned is very cool, but the average casual gamer doesn't care. That may chance over time, but don't mistake of thinking everybody would like the same things you do if only they weren't uninformed.

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The story is too old to be commented.