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Back with all the grit but little of the noire, Rockstar brings Max Payne into the new age in a way quite different to Remedy’s iconic damaged peace keeper. Can the newest entry in the classic franchise manage to rekindle our love for it or has the franchise, like the title character, grown old and tiresome?

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Starfox8112426d ago

I'm intrigued by this, it's had pretty good reviews from most places but at the same time I just don't feel interested enough to go and pick it up.

Tastynoodle2426d ago

Well, Sir, I must question your mental integrity.

AusRogo2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I wanted to wait for a little bit, but I went out and got it. Why not since there isnt anything that interests me coming out till august (war for cybertron) and I dont regret it. Its challenging and hell fun mate. and it seems to be an alright length, im on the last level and have played around 8 or so hours. So, do yourself a favor, if you got the money, get it.. It is great!

Bobby Kotex2426d ago

Honestly if that's your hunch you shouldn't buy it. I've bought so many 'good games' that were hyped up only to get bored of them quickly but that's just me.

Starfox8112423d ago

Yeah I don't really have the time or money to pick it up really, but I also find so many titles are overhyped and then come out and I just find them rather bland and disappointingly average.
However I do trust the reviewer and their opinion about games, hence why I'm somewhat intrigued, but I feel I'll just get bored of it too quickly.

ShadyDevil2426d ago

Absolutely love this game. Game of the year contender, however Rockstar always manages to release the game early in the year so by the time GOTY rolls around its out of the running.

Rainstorm812426d ago

Red Dead says hello....but I just picked up Max Payne yesterday and im absolutely loving the brutality and the gun play.....It makes every gun fight very fun and exciting

Bobby Kotex2426d ago

One more thing, the graphics on the PC are among some of the nicest I've ever seen. I've also never seen this much realism when it comes to carrying guns and moving around. It's actually really amazing.

Tastynoodle2426d ago

Rolling into an array of bullets to pick up a spare pistol when you own ran out got me both into a lot of trouble and back out of it!

pr0digyZA2426d ago

Ye I really hope they carry over some of the animations and weight to GTA5. Plus those graphics on PC in an open world would be stunning especially if modders got to enhance it even more.

Pintheshadows2425d ago

A lot of it, I thought, was down to the attention to detail in the environments. And i've only played it on PS3 so on PC it must me mindblowing.

I too hope they carry elements of MP3 into GTA5. Now they've crafted an excellent shooter hopefully GTA will see massive improvement in that area. And if R* can create a next gen open world game with MP3 detail then my jaw will need a sling.

beerkeg2426d ago

Got my copy coming on Wednesday hopefully, can't wait to play it.

beerkeg2422d ago

Still hasn't come :(

Should be here today, I hope.