Visa Warranty Protection Replaces Infamous "Dusty PS3"

- Reid, the guy with the Playstation that Sony said was too dusty to repair, is getting his system replaced through his Visa card's extended warranty protection.

Reid writes:

I just got off the phone with Visa for the third time and they are sending me a claim form to start the repair/replacement process of my system.

They at first said that they would need to attempt to have it repaired in my local video game repair shop, but I let them know that i had already contacted them and the firmware in combination with the blu-ray lens made it impossible to repair economically and it would have to be replaced. They said as long as I had a repair receipt stating that it wasn't economical to repair, I could walk into a Best Buy, charge a new PS3 to my credit card and they would credit that charge.

Thanks A LOT, for all your help, you guys have more helpful than i would ever imagine. Lets just hope I never need to email you guys again shall we?

Thanks again,


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Joey Gladstone4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

they try to abuse and manipulate the Warranty systems and force companies like Sony and others to cover their collective as$es with indemnification clauses and deniability statements ........
.."The JOEY has Spoken"

Real Gambler4664d ago

They will get free advertisement for this, and it's all the consumers who will end up paying for it through heavy rates. Sad.

Meus Renaissance4664d ago

Does anyone else get the inevitable sense that his new PlayStation 3 will in time just look his previous one? I'd like to see him make another complaint then, it'd make my day from laughing so hard

Afterburn4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

this kid sucks at life. just do us all a favor and die so the rest of the country isn't tied down for the next 60 years supporting your non-working, unemployment compensation abusing, the world owes me something a$$.
fvck off "reid". clean your house while you're at it.

mighty_douche4664d ago

Dirty f*cker.

If someone returned hardware to me in that state and asked me to honour its warrenty id kick them in the nuts.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4664d ago

but i actually DID just LOL.

"kick them in the nuts"

so simple but so genius.

good one.


Mr Tretton4664d ago

you'd have to take a PS3 and put it in an attic for 10 years to look like that.

Clean your damn system retard.

VirusE4664d ago

Or you have to be one dirty SOB. I never clean mine and it still looks brand new other than a few finger prints.

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The story is too old to be commented.