Shatter Dev: More News ‘In the Very Near Future’

IGN: "Is the best game on PSN about to get a sequel?"

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Cajun Chicken3434d ago

Yes, I really hope this comes to happen. Module has been hinting about a new project recently too.

Rockefellow3433d ago

>The best game

More proof that IGN is run by a bunch of morons. I loved Shatter, but to call it the "best game on PSN" is more than ridiculous.

strange19863433d ago

I wouldn't say it's too far off though - I'd consider it one of the best for sure.

Rockefellow3433d ago

Sure. I agree. I've gone back to it several times since I first bought it and adore it.

Best, though? I suppose that's completely subjective, but I don't personally think most people wouldn't name it the BEST title on PSN.

cfountain3433d ago

loved it, cant say its the BEST game on PSN but I'll gladly purchase the sequel. It was my 1st impulse buy when I got my PS3.

Acquiesc33433d ago

Definitely one of PSN's best. A sequel would be awesome.

fredrikpedersen3432d ago

Yes, please! <3 Shatter

and get m0dule to do the soundtrack for this game as well

(check out the song in video) :D