Will Hopes Be Fulfilled or Dashed? The RipTen Team Weighs in on E3

The RipTen team writes: We’ve covered quite a lot of E3 2012 already, and the show hasn’t even started yet. A few weeks ago, we asked our team of crack reporters what they were most excited to see from the show floor. We also asked them for their predictions (no matter how wild) about what the big three have in store for us starting on Monday.

While we’re revving up for oodles (yes, I said oodles) of news, previews and interviews, here’s an early taste at what we’re looking forward to from LA.

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MySwordIsHeavenly3036d ago

I'm sure Nintendo will have a great showing and maybe give us some welcome surprises, but I seriously doubt they're going to touch Sony this year...from a gamer's stand-point.

chrisyoung04223036d ago

I could use some Mirrors Edge 2 news....

NYC_Gamer3036d ago

I really don't expect much from E3 this year

browland13036d ago

I have high hopes for the games I know about, but I am also hoping to be surprised by a few unexpected announcements.

MySwordIsHeavenly3036d ago

"the Xbox has a much better social experience in their Xbox Live service."

I have both Live and PSN. I'm not sure why anyone would think one was better than the other. As of a couple years ago, they are on-par.